Brad Pitt’s Age and Wrinkles To Blame For Latest Film’s Box Office Bomb – Plastic Surgery? (Photos)

Brad Pitt's Age and Wrinkles To Blame For Latest Film's Box Office Bomb - Plastic Surgery? (Photos)

Brad Pitt is somewhat like an immortal. The man has been acting for about as long as we can remember. His first big role in Thelma and Louise catapulted him to super stardom almost overnight. His male model looks, chiseled features, and exquisite nonchalance have made Brad Pitt one of the most important actors of our generation. During a particularly hot Pitt-movie period, he started dating resident sex kitten Angelina Jolie. This coupling gave birth to a tribe of children, a constant appearance in the public eye, and made Pitt one of the most sought after men in Hollywood.  Unfortunately, time, stress, and life took its toll on poor Pitt and made us all realize that beauty does indeed fade in the end.

According to Mike Walker from National Enquirer, Pitt’s wrinkles are causing him to lose out on important film roles and caused his latest film, Killing Them Softly, to bomb at the box office. Even Pitt’s reps and handlers have been noticing the decline in his popularity. The man is already 49 years of age, but he refuses to use a soft focus lens in his shoots and also refuses to have any touch-ups done to images. Pitt’s latest coupling with Chanel No. 5 gave birth to this issue, when fans of the actor started remarking how old he looks in the images. He said, in response to his reps begging him to allow Photoshop, “I’ve accepted the way I look and both you and my fans better accept it as well. I’m getting older – and the lines on my face aren’t going anywhere.

There’s nothing wrong with looking your age, but once the film roles and the ad deals start to dry up, you should know when to cheat. He won’t be Hollywood’s main man for any longer if he keeps up this pseudo-beauty attitude. Dude, it’s Hollywood! Everything goes. You better accept that.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet