Brad Pitt Forced To Wear Spanx By Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt Forced To Wear Spanx By Angelina Jolie

Did you know that Spanx, the infamous shape wear company has a line of menswear? Neither did I but apparently Brad Pitt is in the know!  Supposedly the actor has been a fan and uses the undergarments to help suck in the extra pounds when he has to step out on the red carpet. According to a Star Magazine article Brad is grateful to have the garments on hand, but I have to wonder if this is yet another of Angelina Jolie’s ideas. She seems to be super critical of everyone around her, including Brad. I could just see her throwing the thing at him and demanding that he put it on!

I know that Brad is busy shuffling around 6 kids nowadays and is often on duty while Angie flies to the middle of nowhere to serve rice to people she’ll never lay eyes on again, but do you think this is truly the life that he envisioned for himself at age 50? I mean I have to admit I kind of miss the skinny, uber fit, weed smoking guy that was married to Jennifer Aniston. He may have floated around without a whole lot of purpose, but he seemed a whole lot happier and present in his own life. It was also a life that he had some control over!

Now we resort to stories about Brad wearing Spanx. I think he needs to find another blockbuster film and quick!

In the meantime, do you think Brad and Angie will ever actually get hitched?  The kids are clamoring for mom and dad to marry in spite of Angie’s insisting for the longest time she’d never tie the knot again. They are engaged but part of me thinks on her part it’s just smoke and mirrors to placate the kids for awhile and buy more time. Do you agree or do you think Angie really is dress shopping? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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