Breaking the Faith RECAP 12/1/13: Season 1 Episode 2 “On the Run”

Breaking the Faith RECAP 12/1/13: Season 1 Episode 2 “On the Run”

Tonight on TLC their newest docuseries, BREAKING THE FAITH, airs with a whole new episode called, “On The Run.”  On tonight’s show the women head towards their safe house.  Did you watch last week’s premiere episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s premiere episode young women from a strict polygamist community, ran by the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, left their homes aided by a group of young men, cast out from the church. Their escape turned risky when the security wing of the church interfered.

On tonight’ show after escaping their community, the group head toward an undisclosed location known as a “Safe House.” Once there, the women make a surprise discovery: the house is overseen by someone who they’ve been raised to fear and despise.

We will be covering Breaking The Faith tonight at 10PM EST so don’t forget to come back to this site for our full and detailed recap.  Make sure to refresh often to get the most recent details.  While you wait for the recap check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode and the show below!

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Tonight’s episode of Breaking The Faith picks up where we left off last week, Ben and his friends are helping the girls escape from The Crick. They manage to get them out safely, and take them to the safe house, and show them their new bedrooms.

The Safe House is located 45 miles from The Crick. The girls are waking up in their new home, and questioning whether they should have ran away. Angie is already missing her family, and feeling home-sick.

Carolyn Jessop is the host of the safe-house. She is cooking breakfast for the girls and Ben and his friends. Carolyn Jessop was once a member of FLDS until she left The Crick and testified against the prophet Warren. The girls are shocked to see her at the Safe House, they have been taught that she is the devil since she helped put Warren behind bars. They are very cold to her, and don’t speak to her.

After Carolyn leaves, Ben, Matt, and Zach vouch for Carolyn and tell the girls that they don’t need to be scared of her and she is there to help them.

Connie is excited, now that she has left The Crick she can see her boyfriend Cody, she hasn’t seen him in over a year.

Connie and Linda snoop around the kitchen after breakfast is over. They don’t feel comfortable with all of the food on the refrigerator that the Prophet doesn’t approve of. They fill the entire garbage can with food that isn’t allowed to be eaten at The Crick (chocolate syrup, milk, salsa, bacon, etc.).

At The Safe House, the girls have to attend a meeting with a psychotherapist named Matt. He is doing to help them “deprogram.” Ironically, Angie thinks that Matt is going to brainwash them, when in reality he trying to un-brainwash them.

Linda reveals that in the year 2000 her Mom and Dad were sent away. Her sister has to undergo dialysis because she has no kidney or bladder, and she has been taking care of her since she was nine years old. She is afraid that now she has left The Crick no one will take care of her sister, and she will die, Linda freaks out and tries to leave the Safe House. They convince her not to leave, if she goes back to The Crick they won’t accept her now that she has left, and they will make her life a living hell for running away.

Jake reveals that he is worried about his sister too. Her name is Valerie and he hasn’t talked to her in over a year. He wants to help her run away when she is ready.

Connie brought some of her homework binders from school, and the girls are sitting in their room reminiscing about school. Linda reveals that she hates Carolyn Jessop, if Carolyn hadn’t testified in court against the FLDS, then her father never would have been sent away.

Carolyn Jessop comes upstairs and tries to comfort Linda. Linda asks her why she testified against FLDS in court. Linda explains that she didn’t want her young daughters to be raped or sexually abused, and they were going to marry off her 12 year old daughter. She also explained to them that Warren Jeffs, their Prophet, had sex with two young girls, and one of them got pregnant. The girls are conflicted, they don’t know whether or not to believe Carolyn.

Jake is having a hard time welcoming the girls to the Safe House because it is making him miss his sister Valerie. Linda convinces him to go back to The Crick and get his sister, so that she can go with him and say goodbye to her sister. Jake leaves Linda in the car and runs to his house and gets his sister Val. When they got back to the car, Linda was gone. Jake leave The Crick without even looking for Linda, and brings Val back to the Safe House. Ben and the other girls are less than thrilled about Jake’s secret trip to get his sister. Now Linda is going to tell God Squad where the Safe House is.

They run upstairs and pack their bags, they have to leave the Safe House before God Squad comes looking for them.