Britney Spears Wants A Baby Girl On Her Own With Kevin Federline As Sperm Doner – Report

Britney Spears Wants A Baby Girl On Her Own With Kevin Federline As Sperm Doner - Report

I have been waiting for some crazy nonsense story to appear about Britney Spears losing it now that she has lost Jason Trawick. Well, today is the day. OK! Magazine is reporting Britney wants another baby because she is lonely. Her plan is to do this without a man this time around. The one caveat is that Britney will probably have to get permission from her conservator dad Jamie Spears.

OK! Magazine is saying Britney wants a baby girl this time because she has two boys. Also, Britney plans to approach her ex-husband Kevin Federline for his sperm so the child would be a full sibling to Sean and Jayden Federline. A writer for Gossip Cop thinks this story is not true. I think given Britney’s past antics and the fact that she is still very fragile emotionally this story could be true. She may think having a baby will help her cope with the pain in her life.

Jamie Spears has been his daughter’s conservator for almost 5 years. He was charged with managing Britney’s career, finances and personal life. Jamie stepped in to rescue Britney from her former manager Sam Lufti and the destructive life she was living. Under his watchful eye Britney ditched drugs, re-hired her former manager Larry Rudolf and made a spectacular comeback. Britney made a documentary for MTV showing her getting ready to tour to promote her album Circus. It was a very honest look at Britney back in action. She ate the grits and cheese her dad cooked. She rehearsed and shot her video for her song Womanizer. Britney impersonated her dad and she was very funny. We saw Britney learn dance steps and sit through hair and make up. Then we saw the Britney magic as the cameras rolled. The documentary also showed Britney as still a very vulnerable woman. She had only been under conservatorship a short time but she said she hated it. Britney said every day felt like Groundhog Day. She was in tears and looked very sad.

After her tour wrapped up Britney agreed to continue the conservator ship. She started dating Jason and became engaged to him with her father’s blessing. It’s been reported that the couple ended their relationship due to Britney wanting more children and Jason not wanting children. The question is was there a discussion about children or did Britney scare off Jason, and he may have been open to having children. It’s also been reported that their engagement ended because Jason was exhausted from being Britney’s babysitter and was spent. I’m sure the exhaustion came from continued emotional support from breakdowns she may have had.

Britney’s behavior on the set of X Factor was very strange. Stable people don’t get up and walk away from auditions that they are judging for no reason. I’m sure they took breaks so she could stretch her legs and get something to drink. There was complaining and worry that Britney could not hold it together. Perhaps in an effort to keep Jason from leaving the conversations they had became very emotional and not rational on Britney’s part. Fear of abandonment could have set in and maybe she thinks having another baby right now will make everything better. People may say and do desperate things when they are hurting.

This is not a good time for Britney to have a baby. She lost custody of Sean and Jayden because she was not well and could not care for them. If Britney is not legally allowed to care for her children full time her dad is not going to allow her to have another baby, whether she is married or not. I hope Britney can eventually expand her family and fulfill her dream of having a daughter. She is only 31 years old. Time is on her side.

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