Britney Spears Mental Breakdown: Appears Almost Undressed In Public (Photos)

Britney Spears Mental Breakdown: Appears Almost Undressed In Public (Photos)

We thought that, with her X Factor judging gig and potential new album, Britney Spears had finally overcome years of mental illness and addiction, but her recent breakup from fiancé/manager Jason Trawick seems to have sent her spiraling back into 2007. Photos show the troubled singer sporting a bizarre outfit—the sort that one only wears to bed, and only on laundry day, and only when home alone—around town.

Britney paired orange-laced sneakers with half-calf socks, plaid pajama shorts, and a beat up grey wife beater—complete with pink bra straps peaking out of the sides. She her errands didn’t warrant a ball gown—she was taking puppy Hannah to the vet—what’s wrong with a little Zella or lululemon workout gear? Cute capris or shorts, fun colors, and super comfy! Is it an unreasonable suggestion that she not venture out looking like a high school kid trying to make a statement about societal values?

Of course, it could be that Hannah had a canine emergency that warranted emergency care, in which case we take no umbrage with Britney’s crazy outfit. But the expression on her face doesn’t really say “I’m extremely worried about the health of my dog, who needs immediate medical attention.” I chalk this up to a broken heart and floundering career. We’ve heard that Jason was more of a babysitter than a fiancé—could it be that, like a mom before sending her child off to school, he did an outfit check every time she left the house? Or is this what Britney looks like when she’s given up all hope?

Whatever the case, we hope Britney can pull it together for her kids’ sake. Sure, fashion and beauty aren’t everything, but there is a basic level of appropriate wardrobe that is expected in public. It isn’t like Britney doesn’t have the money to invest in a casual pair of Levis and an American Apparel v-neck. How she dresses is a reflection of how she feels about herself—and based on these pictures, I’d say she feels like a plaid monster who put on rebel girl eye makeup the night before and woke up someplace warm and moist. Can someone get her a new manager—pronto? And preferably one that encourages regular showering and decent apparel?

Former X-Factor judge Britney Spears and her sons Sean & Jayden James take their dogs to The Barkley Pet Hotel in Los Angeles, California on February 3, 2013

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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3 responses to “Britney Spears Mental Breakdown: Appears Almost Undressed In Public (Photos)”

  1. sheina blanker says:

    I think it is unfair to keep judgeing Britney Spears.She is just like any person who juggles career & family that suffers from mental health issues.The way she dresses isnt of any concern to other people accept herself.The way she dressed in this perticular photo may not have looked the way other people may have looked that is true however she was completely dressed & covered appropriatly lets give the girl a break!

  2. Floundering career? Scream & Shout is the number one song in the world three week running! What planet do you live on? Forgive her father because she worth comfy clothes to take her puppy to the vet.

  3. […] Sure, she could’ve stepped it up a little bit to some nicer comfortable clothes, but for God’s sake are we really calling this non-incident a mental breakdown? Apparently we are. “Whatever the case, we hope Britney can pull it together for her kids’ sake.” […]