Has Britney Spears Realized Fiance Jason Trawick is a No-Good Loser?

Has Britney Spears Realized Fiance Jason Trawick is a No-Good Loser?

Britney Spears got engaged to her former agent, Jason Trawick, back in December of last year, but these two still haven’t tied the not — in fact, they haven’t even set a date to do so. Maybe the reason for that is because Spears is finally starting to realize that granting Trawick full conservatorship over her money is a bad idea.

Eight months after accepting Jason Trawick’s proposal, Britney continues to delay her wedding day. Originally set to marry in Hawaii this summer, the X Factor judge “complained she was too busy,” a source says. Now, Trawick, 40, is pushing for a big December bash, and Spears isn’t having any of it. “She won’t even set a date,” says a second source. “She’s dragging her feet.”

Why the change of heart? The singer, 30, “sometimes feels Jason’s more of a mentor than a husband,” says an insider. (A Spears pal counters that the pair look forward to planning the nuptials.) Plus, a friend adds, she isn’t sure what kind of affair to throw. “She doesn’t know what a third wedding looks like.”

This poor woman seems like she is getting her act together slowly but surely and it still seems like one big mess with her fiancé as her “handler.” In all likelihood, I doubt Trawick has Spears’ best interest at heart. Trawick knew that getting Spears on The X Factor would bring in more money for him to handle and since Spears hardly does interviews anymore I can’t imagine what it’ll be like for her once we see her on TV all the time this coming fall.

So with all that, it seems like the best move for Spears is to hold off on this wedding. Sure, everyone wants a fairytale, but if Spears married him and things went sour what would happen to the fortune she created for herself? Don’t take the risk until you are 100% sure.

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