Camilla Parker-Bowles Said Kate Middleton Would Never Be Pregnant – Now She’s Crying

Camilla Parker-Bowles Said Kate Middleton Would Never Be Pregnant – Now She’s Crying

Camilla Parker-Bowles might be an even bigger piece of work than I had realized!  We at CDL have given you repeated examples of how Prince William’s stepmother absolutely hates his wife, the beloved Kate Middleton. It’s pretty obviously a pretty severe case of the green eyed monster eating away at Camilla and causing her to be a head spinning, well, you know what she is.

According to the current issue of GLOBE, print edition, January 14th, Camilla actually made fun of Kate’s difficulty conceiving a child. In her mind, as long as Kate battled any form of infertility then Prince Charles’ ascension to the throne was guaranteed.  When Kate finally conceived it not only pissed off Camilla, but it also left her having to eat her words. She had painted such a dismal picture of Kate and William’s baby dream and then she had to backpedal. Says a source, “She’d earlier gleefully said to pals Kate had fertility problems that could prevent her from producing an heir to the British throne. Now all she can do is criticize Kate for the problems she’s facing as a mom-to-be.”

Camilla must absolutely hate looking like a fool in front of her friends and especially when the topic at the root of things is Kate! She had to admit she was wrong which no doubt just added to her ever-present resentment of her daughter-in-law. Do you think that all of Camilla’s nastiness has caused problems between William and Charles yet? I don’t know a man alive that appreciates anyone repeatedly ragging on his wife.

Do you think that by the time Kate has her baby she and William will have anything to do with Camilla? Are they already slowly beginning to phase her out? She is the sole reason why the couple spent Christmas with the Middleton’s so it looks like her devious nature is starting to do some damage. Do you agree? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

7 responses to “Camilla Parker-Bowles Said Kate Middleton Would Never Be Pregnant – Now She’s Crying”

  1. Cynthia says:

    Why can’t Charles talk to Camilla about this? Can’t he ask “Camilla, why do you do this?” Does Camilla have a problem with her actual daughter-in-law Sarah? Why is she so hostile against the wife of her stepson? Does she not think Kate is “good enough” for William? She should have known that whoever William married would probably be younger and better looking than herself.

  2. Waity says:

    “the beloved” kate middleton ? what planet is the writer on ?
    That idiot bimbo is a laughing stock and an embarrassment. She’s a fool.

  3. Jeanne says:

    This is what happens when you horn in on another woman’s man-Camilla is miserable! This baby will be a living reminder of Diana. I actually hope they have a girl that looks just like Diana .

    • Cynthia says:

      That would be nice, but adding all those Middleton genes in the mix makes having a “mini-Di” less likely. :(

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  5. Sarah Whalen says:

    The baby is going to be a mixed breed alien baby. [link removed] This is why they need Carole to move in with them, and be the nanny. Didn’t you see The Omen?