Royal Family Upset But Camilla Parker-Bowles Goes Insane As “Diana” Film Release Nears!

Royal Family Upset But Camilla Parker-Bowles Insane As "Diana" Film Release Nears!

When the car carrying Princess Diana crashed in the deadliest of ways there was likely one person breathing a deep sigh of relief – Camilla Parker-Bowles.  Public opinion of her was directly affected by how those same people viewed Diana. Since Camilla was Prince Charles’ whore on the side through out his entire marriage to Diana, royal watchers absolutely hated her. Camilla’s likability never increased once she and Charles both divorced their spouses and had a clear path towards each other Diana will forever be the beloved, long-suffering wife of Charles and Camilla is that drunk mistress that finally bagged her man.

When Diana died Camilla was privately relieved. As long as she was alive Camilla would have constant competition and never be accepted let alone respected. Of course we all know that 15 years later Camilla still hasn’t earned either of those things, but at least her biggest living, breathing competition was removed from the picture.

None of the royals are happy about a new film that will be making its London premiere on September 5th.  Diana, with Naomi Watts in the title role, and directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, will focus on Princess Diana’s 2 year love affair with Dr. Hasnat Khan. He was thought to be the true love of her life and according to everyone close to Diana, this love was the real thing. Naomi Watts is already earning rave reviews for her performance and the producers carefully walked the line in telling the story while trying to appease the royals. For instance, actors portraying Prince William and Prince Harry are only onscreen for a hot minute, basically saying good bye to their mother before she left for a trip. It seemed they should be acknowledged but in essence this movie is only about Diana and the royal family is uncomfortable because it’s said to be a very honest look at the people’s princess.

Camilla has been enjoying her moments in the spotlight and is preparing to embrace her role as Queen- ASAP if she has her way. She has had a full makeover and finally believed it’s her turn to shine and then along comes this film about her ultimate nemesis. Once again Princess Diana will be back in the spotlight and her name will be the one on the tip of tongues rather than Camilla’s. Bring on the bad comparisons and the present tense reminders that Camilla is just wretched and unworthy of that throne!

How do you think Camilla is dealing with this magnificent timing? My bet is that she’s dipping into that hip flask and throwing back extra gin! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Naomi Watts channels her inner royal princess as she films scenes for “Diana” at a community center in Hemel, England

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5 responses to “Royal Family Upset But Camilla Parker-Bowles Goes Insane As “Diana” Film Release Nears!”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Wish I could give Camilla a swift kick off of a castle turret – can’t stand that vile woman! Hope she implodes over all the attention and renewed interest Diana will be getting.

  2. Victoria McGuire says:

    I’m still holding out hopes, that once the newest Royal is born, the Queen exercises her right to name Prince William the next heir and hands the throne over to him making him the new King and his classical gorgeous wife the new Queen. Camilla will go into a drunken rage. Not before the Queen orders her son, Charles to divorce the evil hateful alcoholic and ban her from the kingdom with no pension. Well maybe a very one time stipend. Also to nerve be around the newest heir.

  3. Cynthia says:

    Surely they could have found someone prettier than Naomi Watts to play Diana?

  4. thebutcher says:

    Camilla is scared that everyone will see that diana was MURDERED by the royals. There is no way that it was just an accident

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