Catherine Giudici Begs Sean Lowe To Come Back From Hot DWTS Relationship With Peta Murgatroyd

Catherine Giudici Begs Sean Lowe To Come Back From New DWTS Relationship With Peta Murgatroyd

Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe, the seemingly blissfully happy couple that was united on ‘The Bachelor’, are having some troubles. Surprise, surprise. Although it was clear to anyone who was looking that Sean and his Dancing with the Stars partner Peta Murgatroyd had chemistry off the roof, Sean denied any attraction, saying that he’s still a good little boy who follows the rules. Well, he didn’t say it exactly like that, but he did say that he’s devoted to his fiancé and besides which, he doesn’t have sex so nothing to worry about, right? Well, maybe not so much. Catherine, knowing that it’s pretty much only a matter of time before Sean gives in to carnal attraction, is attempting to find ways to keep Sean at home and away from Peta.

According to OK Magazine, Sean explained how much Catherine was doing for him lately, saying, “She’s been cooking me dinner, offering to give me massages. I take her up on it sometimes but I don’t want to take advantage of the poor girl. But she’s been very sweet. She knows how hard I work with Peta so she goes out of her way to make sure I’m happy when I come home.”

Ok, let’s compare that to what he says about his dancing partner, Peta. He tells OK, “She yells, but it’s in a joking way, and I don’t take her that seriously anyway when she does yell at me. I’m not scared of her. We get a lot accomplished, we have fun, she does get on my butt but I need it and she’s making me a better dancer.”

Is it just us, or is he way more honest and lively when talking about Peta than Catherine?  Catherine is the ‘poor girl’ and he and Peta just have a lot of ‘fun’. Poor Catherine, trying so hard to keep his attention with food and warmth, especially since she can’t really use sex as a method. Also, she’s been turning up on the sidelines every week to ‘support’ Sean and keep an eye on him and Peta. It’s looking like she doesn’t trust her beloved fiancé as much as everyone says she does. Are they two headed for splitsville? Tabloids have alleged that the two are already on the verge of breaking up, but that messes with Catherine’s and Sean’s timelines. They will only break up when they have capitalized on every second of fame that the Bachelor has gotten them. However, it’s starting to look like Sean might be forgetting that, especially as he spends more time with Peta and less time with his ‘beloved’ Catherine.

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4 responses to “Catherine Giudici Begs Sean Lowe To Come Back From Hot DWTS Relationship With Peta Murgatroyd”

  1. Lana Bryne says:

    what is it w/ you that you cannoit seem to let up on Catherine?You seem to be finding joy in fabricating, scrutinizing anything related to this amazing young lady.Your blog clearly is insinuating Sean is more into Peta than his fiancee.. Catherine is a beautiful intelligent fine young woman. She’s comfortable in her own skin,that’s what makes her beyond appealing & beautiful. You’re clearly igniting some spark for rumors to start portraying Catherine as the one who Sean has less fun with. Let it be known, that if & when that happens, it’s not gonna be Catherine’s loss. Catherine is smart, she’s passionate & independent, she will make any man who wins her heart a very very lucky & happy man.Keep hatin’

  2. Lana Bryne says:

    you can dish it out but you apparently can’t handle a response that makes sense? I had posted my comment which you removed? Why can’t you let up on Catherine? She’s intelligent, passionate & independent. She’s comfortable in her own skin, her confidence makes her beyond appealing & more beautiful. If Sean leaves her for Peta as you’re trying to insinuate, it ain’t gonna be her loss. Whoever wins her heart will be a very lucky & happy man.Keep hatin’

  3. Your a lucky guy Sean,I’m waitng You break up Catherine.I like Her so much!!!!!!!.when i can find a woman like Catherine?????????A Guy Fr.Madrid

  4. why cant someone just come and support her fiancee without tabloids thinking they have a problem ?? grow up people and let them be