Sean Lowe Cheating Rumors with Peta Murgatroyd – Catherine Giudici Jealous Rage (Video)

Sean Lowe Cheating Rumors with Peta Murgatroyd - Catherine Giudici Jealous Rage (Video)

Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe are still together… for now. In fact, not only are they still together, but their fake enthusiasm for each other is as strong as ever. Catherine tweeted, hours before Sean and his Dancing with the Stars Partner Peta Murgatroyd, Can’t wait to see my sweet Sean and Peta do the jive tonight.”

Do you think that was an indirect message for Peta to back down from her man? Sure, Sean and Catherine are faking the whole thing, but it’s still got to suck to see your fake fiancé and hot dancer hit it off so well, especially considering that they’ll be spending the next couple of months together [provided they make it that far, of course]. There were actually rumors that Peta and Sean were getting a little too close for Catherine’s comfort. After all, if Sean leaves her, so does her claim to fame.

But nooo, of course Sean would never cheat on Catherine. After all, he doesn’t even believe in sex before marriage, so what’s he going to do – a little chaste kissing here and there? Of course not. He lurvess Catherine. He says so himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jimmy, the smart guy that he is, picked up on the chemistry between Sean and Peta, and so immediately asked, “Is it just dancing? Cuz you must be a rocket ready to launch. There is a lot of intense… I mean, between Catherine and Peta… I wouldn’t drive with you!” Sean laughs it off and replies, “No problems whatsoever. Peta’s more like a sister… There is no chemistry, no sexual chemistry there whatsoever. She’s a good looking girl, but look who I have as a fiancee out there!”

Ok then, I see we’re still pretending like you intend to go through with the wedding. Fine, fine. So Sean, when is the wedding again?

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4 responses to “Sean Lowe Cheating Rumors with Peta Murgatroyd – Catherine Giudici Jealous Rage (Video)”

  1. Alicia Chung says:

    Hello??? What is wrong with this writer?? Either she is so jealous of seeing for once couple that are really trying so hard to avoid tabloid to be happy or she is just want to screw up people or just having pleasure to damage people’s believes….. please wake up and look at yourself before you give your comments to others!! Coz you are not perfect yourself nor you have the right to criticize others…. You are just so insecure and pathetic!!!!!

  2. Danelcy says:

    The first thing every couple needs to have before getting married is TRUST. If you don’t trust your partner before even get married that is really sad. I think she should wait to get home and talk with him about how she was feeling, instead of fighting there in public. Only a low class person would do that and I don’t see her as a low class girl. If you can’t wait to go home, just tell him you are not feeling good and you want to leave. I am sure by the way he is, he would say Ok my love.

  3. Spot on! This is very good. Glad to see someone call it like it is! Great artilce!

  4. why are you determined to bash sean and catherine. I think u want to see them break up so u actually have a story of juicy gossup! they are happy and in love! They will get married once dancing with the stars calms down! ashley and jp took two years but they got married when the time was right for them. I dont see catherine and sean waiting that long nor do I see it being an emily and jef and they breaking up. They are a perfect match for each other and Im sure they are going to be just fine. Back OFF AND give it a reST. They are actually avoiding people like u to stay happy. They have a life!