Charlie Hunnam To Quit Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie After Fan Backlash

Charlie Hunnam To Quit Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie After Fan Backlash (PHOTOS)?

Poor Charlie Hunnam. After it was announced that he would be playing the object of millions of women’s wet dreams, many of those woman ended up revolting. Over 70,000 people signed a petition to replace Charlie Hunnam with Matt Bomer in the lead role of Christian Grey in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film adaptation.

It was probably pretty difficult on Charlie’s ego, but he should have known this going into the film. There are already reports that Charlie has hired extra security while filming Sons of Anarchy because of the crazed fans. This is like Twilight all over again, except Fifty Shades of Grey fans are older and slightly crazier.

Do you think Charlie’s already getting sick of the backlash and is regretting his decision to sign onto the franchise? His public reasons for signing on never seemed that strong in the first place. He explained that his girlfriend was a huge fans of the books, and his chemistry with Dakota Johnson [who will be playing leading lady Anastasia Steele] during the audition was ‘compelling’. However, sources say that Charlie wanted to do the film to solidify his leading man status in films, because as soon as he’s wrapped with Sons of Anarchy, he wants to start doing more films. So far, the only major film he has is Pacific Rim, but that was sold on the director’s fanboy credentials. No one really knew who Hunnam was.

Well, with Fifty Shades of Grey, that might all change. For what it’s worth, he should really just hang in there, and the backlash will eventually go away. When Robert Pattinson was first announced as Edward Cullen in Twilight, there was an equal amount of hate and backlash. However, that went away and look at where Rob is now – and Charlie could be in that very same place, guaranteed franchise money and status, and able to get smaller and more dramatic movies made on his name alone.

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14 responses to “Charlie Hunnam To Quit Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie After Fan Backlash”

  1. vn_102 says:

    All the haters who said Charlie was ugly and fat are going to eat their words once they see FSOG trailers.

  2. vn_102 says:

    Don’t get why those cazy fans petitions insisted to pick Matt Bomer. Yeah he looks good in suits like Ken doll but he can’t act his way out paperback, it’s getting boring to look at pretty doll without soul after couple minutes. Are those people even watch Magic Mike? Matt looked uncomfortable grinding woman half naked and his sex scenes in White Collar were blah as well. Obviously they can’t pick dude whose not enjoying sex scenes and not having raw sexual magnitism like CG should that captivate audiences in this type of movie.

  3. kary says:

    I think Charlie Hunnam is perfect for this role, and for all of the people who are freaking because of his hair color.. The author clearly described him with Copper Hair… not dark brown.. copper meaning a dark blondish red… and just because not everyone may find in attractive doesnt mean there arent a whole lot of people who do. Give them a chance, they were obviously cast in the roles for a reason.

  4. Jean says:

    I think he will be a great Christian Grey and I hope he can make all the critics eat there words. Give the guy a chance. You all might be very surprise. For he is a great actor.

  5. Chels Barnes says:

    People are stupid OMG !! Charlie hunnam is perfect for Christian grey!! He is awesome in soa and will do great in FSOG!! People me to leave him alone and Dakota Johnson will make a great Anastasia Steele too

  6. EmilyTrainham says:

    He really should stick with it and realize that all the crazy fans are, well, crazy.

  7. vn_102 says:

    In what universe Matt is superior actor? Did he win some prestigious award? In what edition People magazine named him as sexiest actor? In your fanfiction? If he’s that good as actor how come he never becomes A List leading man before he comes out of closet? He’s 35 now, doubt with his “talents”, he’s gonna be A List ever. Calling people moron isn’t gonna makes your beloved man A List, without grand achievement Matt is just another face in Hollywood.

  8. Jessica Edson Alfaro says:

    Charlie is perfect for the role of Christian Grey!! Just because he plays a biker dude doesn’t mean he is a slob!! He cleans up good!! I can’t believe this crap that’s going on just because Matt Bomer was not picked!! Get over it!! Charlie was picked for a reason and he is perfect!! If you don’t like it then don’t see the movie!! Charlie is HOT and he can any role because he is a great actor!!!

  9. ashley says:

    I think charlies perfect for Christian grey ! I can’t wait to see the movie!

  10. rainey13 says:

    If you’re going to insult an incredibly good actor, you could at least get his name right. It’s BOMER. And while you’re at it, you might want to review what ACTING means. Or are you assuming that Hunnam is into heavy BDSM in real life too?

  11. Regina Shuck says:

    Charlie Hunnam fat? I’d like to be as “fat” as he is! People are just jealous of him! GROW UP AND GET A LIFE PEOPLE!

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