Charlie Sheen Back On Drugs: Out of Control Partying With Porn Star Brett Rossi Halts Production On Anger Managment

Charlie Sheen Back On Drugs: Out of Control Partying Halts Production On Anger Managment

Charlie Sheen could be back to his hard partying ways. At best that is what its starting to look like when he halted production on his show Anger Management. According Radar Online, Filming with Charlie came to a halt last week for two days because he had come down with a nasty case of laryngitis. He was unable to talk at all last week, and has only worked half days this week because Charlie’s voice isn’t 100 percent”For those of us who remember when he was on Two and Half Men, we can recall all too clearly what delays really meant. He meant he was shacked up in what had become a drug den with one or more porno stars stealing from him during a binge. The porn star currently filling this role is Brett Rossi.

Yet this one is much different than any of her predecessors. For one she happens to be calling all the shots instead of being the decorative arm-piece she was supposed to be. “His team expressed concerns over the relationship… He was not happy with being questioned about who he was dating, so Charlie fired them all. Brett had also encouraged Charlie to get rid of Mark, Larry and Jason because she believed they didn’t like her and were sabotaging the relationship”. You see she’s refusing to learn what her role is and Charlie is too infatuated to check her. He’s going down and she’s helping him to do it at an alarming rate.

But to be honest you can always tell when Charlie is about to go into a downward spiral and it takes more than unprofessionalism. The very first sign was when Denise Richards suddenly cut him out of the family’s vacation. Out of all his exes, she’s the one that he has the most respect and consideration for. If she let him go then it means she was forced to do it. Its actually quite similar to when she filed for divorce. At the time she was pregnant with their second child so everyone wondered how low he must have sunk for her to leave him just then. Currently, she was helping him protect his kids from druggie Brooke Mueller when unfortunately she cracked and this lead him to slip into his nasty old habits. Like trying to find comfort in a harem!

Whenever Denise stops supporting him, then everything becomes obvious! It’s like watching reenactments of people fleeing the Titanic. Because no one will be able to help Charlie. Not unless he learns to help himself.

Charlie Sheen seen locking lips with his new porn star girlfriend Brett Rossi outside the Hotel El Ganzo in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on November 30

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