Brooke Mueller Crystal Meth Addiction While Pregnant With Charlie Sheen’s Twins

Brooke Mueller Crystal Meth Addiction While Pregnant With Charlie Sheen’s Twins

What do you do when you have crackwhore 1 and crackwhore 2 for parents? Well, hope to god that someone else gets custody of you, which is luckily what happened in this situation. According to a new report from Radar Online, Brooke Mueller was actually in rehab twice during her pregnancy with Charlie Sheen’s twins. Not only that, but she was actually in rehab for crystal meth addiction… WHILE she was pregnant.

A source tells Radar, “She went to rehab twice because she was using drugs. Brooke’s two rehab stints consisted of less than 30 days. It just shows how far gone Brooke is with her battle of using crystal meth. The fact that she couldn’t stay sober while carrying Bob and Max caused Charlie great anguish.”

I mean, this really shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been following the news about Mueller and Sheen’s insane custody battle over the last few years. According to Radar, Mueller’s been to rehab a whopping 20 times over the past few years.

Mueller is currently checked into Betty Ford, which marks her 20th time seeking treatment for addictions. She no longer has custody of her twins and since Charlie is hardly a fit parent, the custody has gone to Charlie’s ex Denise Richards.

The source adds that all the right parties have been notified of Brooke’s rehab stint, adding, “It’s truly amazing that she was able to hold onto custody of the boys for as long as she did. Brooke’s road to getting custody back of the boys is going to be very, very long.”

God, I should hope not! It’s shocking that she had custody of the twins for as long as she did, considering her history with addictions and also considering that she’s been to rehab 20 times! It just goes to show, celebrities can get away with anything in LA.

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One response to “Brooke Mueller Crystal Meth Addiction While Pregnant With Charlie Sheen’s Twins”

  1. Karen Bolick says:

    Denise Richards took a lot of crap when she left Charlie Sheen, but I think she has really proved to be a good person and better parent…taking in her ex-husbands NEW kids says a lot about her. She deserves an award for this crap!