Denise Richards Refuses To Care For Brooke Mueller’s Twins Anymore, Calls Them Evil And Violent – Says They Need Therapy

Denise Richards Refuses To Care For Brooke Mueller's Twins Anymore, Calls Them Evil And Violent - Says They Need Therapy

In a breaking report from TMZ, Denise Richards has apparently written a long letter to the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services stating that she will no longer care for Brooke Mueller‘s and Charlie Sheen‘s twin boys, calling them violent and out of control, and blaming their behavior on Brooke.

Denise originally took full custody of the twin boys a while back when it was clear that Brooke was too much of a junkie to take good care of them. And obviously, Charlie Sheen was also in little position to take custody and take care of his boys.

However, sources from the DCFS have told TMZ that Denise has some solid reasons for refusing to continue taking care of the boys, explaining some of the details in the letter. Apparently, the twins [Bob and Max] often kick her dogs and watch them ‘whimper in pain’, and strangle other animals. That’s not all – when Denise would tell the boys that they were hurting the animals, Bob and Max would often state that they ‘wanted’ to hurt the animals on purpose.

Denise also reveals that her own daughters, Eloise, Lola, and Sam, have also been targeted for violence by the twins. She claims that all three of her daughters have been the target of physical abuse from the boys, including getting kicked, slapped, pinched, bit, and punched, even causing one of her daughters to go to the hospital at one point. And things are no different at school – according to the letter, both boys have been wreaking hell and havoc at school once they started, especially when it came to their behavior with the teachers and other students.

Denise finally states that she can no longer care for the twins, and their behavior issues were clearly a by-product of spending time with Brooke. Denise explained that the twins are particularly violent when they returned from spending time with Brooke, and they reportedly often had horrible nights after coming back as well. Although Denise only has temporary guardianship of the twins until Brooke ‘gets better’ [which might never happen, at the rate she’s going], doctors have reportedly told Denise to get counseling for the boys. However, Brooke has supposedly blocked this effort – and of course she did. If the boys go to counseling, they’ll tell the counselor everything – why they become like this after spending time with their mom, and how her junkie habits and horrible parenting is leading to their twisted development. And in addition to not getting custody of her children, there’s a solid chance that she won’t even be able to see them anymore. Forget about putting her own children’s needs first – junkies don’t think about all that, and Brooke’s way too selfish to ever put her children before herself.