Chris Brown Furious when Rehab Facility Confiscates his Weed Stash needed for his Depression!

Chris Brown Furious when Rehab Facility Confiscates his Weed Stash Needed for his Depression!

Chris Brown’s first rehab stint for anger management lasted just two weeks until he got kicked out of the facility for anger issues. How can you kick someone out of rehab for the very reason they’re in rehab in the first place? Anyways, he reportedly threw a rock into his mother’s car after she suggested he extend his rehab stay during a family session. He was court-ordered to go back to rehab for 90 days after a progress hearing regarding the Rihanna case. When he got to the new facility, they took away his phone and his weed!

Giving up phone privileges and the internet was OK. But all hell broke loose when Chris found out he had to pass over the joints, too. He argued with the staff and claimed he needed it for medical reasons. Chris is apparently battling depression and pot helps him calm down. The staff denied his request to keep his weed.

Even though Chris says he needs his weed, the effect must be wearing off because he continues to have anger outbursts and making stupid decisions. The next 90 days will not be good ones for the troubled singer. But let’s hope this rehab stint will be more successful than the first one. What are your thoughts on Chris Brown’s rehab stay and medical marijuana need?

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