Chris Brown as a Role Model For Youth – Dream or Nightmare?

Chris Brown as a Role Model For Youth - Dream or Nightmare?

Once again, our beloved singer-songwriter/rapper, Christopher Brown, is facing abuse charges! Although not against a woman, violence was done to a man who claims himself to be just as innocent as Rihanna! According to eyewitnesses, the superstar was talking a picture with two female fans when he was photo-bombed by the victim.

It is said that Chris punched the man; causing him to be the attacker, but not before making the slur “I ain’t with that gay sh!t! I box!” Many might take it as a threat, some, a warning. Either way this is getting out of control! “I would’ve accepted an apology at the scene,” says the man who was struck. “But now I will most certainly press charges.

Somebody has got to let Chris know that his actions are unacceptable. We cannot allow him to bail himself out of these situations every time. Personally, I feel as if Chris just wanted to show he was a badass in front of a few pretty girls. Understandable; but this is no way to do it.

Chris Brown as a Role Model For Youth - Dream or Nightmare?

Chris is now awaiting trial to decide whether he will or will not spend the next four years of his young life in a prison cell for violating his probation. First he beats Rihanna (No prison!), then fights and disses Drake (Scotch free), now punching an, in my opinion, innocent man on the street.

Get it together Chris! You are supposed to be a role model to children, to teenagers, to inspire the youth of today! As of today, the names of those involved have not all been released; unlike Chris’ and his bodyguard’s, Christopher Hollosy. Yes, once again he is free to go. I love Chris, I really do, but enough is enough. What do you guys think? Comment below! It’s been fun. I’m out!

Update: Brown has checked into a rehab for anger management – trying to dodge jail time if this recent assault leads to a probation violation.