Clint Eastwood and Erica Tomlinson Fisher Engaged After Dina Ruiz Files Divorce?

Clint Eastwood and Erica Tomlinson Fisher Get Engaged After Dina Ruiz Files Divorce?

I don’t think anyone was very surprised to learn that Dina Ruiz Eastwood filed for divorce from her husband, Clint Eastwood yesterday. Things have been rocky between the two ever since she decided to move a camera crew into their home to film a reality show of sorts. About 6 episodes of the failed series aired on E! About 18 months ago and lackluster ratings meant that Dina was not going to become the next Kris Jenner with a reality show empire. The experience left her crushed and Clint was furious for the invasion of his privacy.

The couple split soon after and Dina didn’t even try to hide the fact that she had reconnected with her high school sweetheart, Scott Fisher who was married to Erica Tomlinson Fisher. That marriage went down in flames and low and behold, Erica formed a fast friendship with Clint. The two have gotten so close in recent months that she has been spotted spending weekends at his house!

Obviously Clint and Erica are doing more than playing checkers and it probably prompted Dina to pull the plug on the marriage all together. That means that Clint is truly a free man making him very appealing to the unemployed Erica. She has been out of work for months now and I’m pretty sure that she sees Clint as her own personal ATM machine! Rumor has it she is angling to be the next Mrs. because, well let’s face it, Clint isn’t getting any younger and someone should benefit from all of that cash he has stockpiled!

Is Erica nothing more than a gold digger or is there something real between them? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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7 responses to “Clint Eastwood and Erica Tomlinson Fisher Engaged After Dina Ruiz Files Divorce?”

  1. allie says:

    who knew Clint was such a player

  2. thebutcher says:

    Dina is nothing but a worthless gold digger. Typical woman always wanting money when there’s a divorce. She deserves nothing

  3. carrie says:

    he didn’t change “his shoes” during almost 15 years

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  5. KawKayzhun says:

    clint da man… dirty harry lays pipe when and where he feels like it..

  6. ljoy says:

    I always thought of DINA as a plain jane and thought how did she get him??? look at her!! nothing special — she should be paying HIM in divorce because he had to wake up and LOOK at that face all those years!