Who Sold Cory Monteith The Heroin That Caused His Death?

Who Sold Cory Monteith The Heroin That Caused His Death?

Who sold Cory Monteith the drugs that ended up killing him? The coroner confirmed earlier today that it was a lethal combination of heroin and alcohol that killed him, and while it was an accident, it really shouldn’t have happened at all.

How does a recovering addict, several weeks out of rehab no less, get their hands on heroin? Not just any drug, but heroin? Vancouver is the heroin capital of Canada, and I don’t think I would be exaggerating when I say that it probably wasn’t that difficult for him to find. My question is – what kind of people was Cory keeping around him that they couldn’t see the signs of him falling off the wagon?

Reports from the night before Cory died stated that he was partying with a group of friends before he got back to his hotel room, alone. He was found dead the next afternoon. He could have taken heroin while he was out with his friends, or when he came back to the hotel room. One of his friends who was with him that night already stated that Cory seemed completely fine when he was with them, so it’s likely that Cory took the drugs when he came back to the hotel room.

Unfortunately, the police won’t be investigating further because in their point of view, the case is closed. Cory took those drugs on his own initiative, and as the police statement says, there is no evidence of foul play. The Vancouver police constable even added, “There’s no law in Canada where we can request charges against someone who’s provided drugs to an individual. There’s an inherent risk when you’re using illicit drugs and there’s nothing in this situation that we can see that would cause us to pursue the investigation further.”

I get that it was Cory’s own decision to take those drugs, but man, it burns me up that the person who sold it to him won’t have to face the consequences. He or she knowingly gave drugs to a recovering drug addict, knowing he had just gotten out of rehab and was trying to stay sober. The whole situation sucks.

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