Glee’s Cory Monteith Returns From Drug Detox, Not Rehab – Lying To Save His Job?

Glee's Cory Monteith Returns From Drug Detox, Not Rehab – Lying To Save His Job?

So by now, everyone’s heard of Cory Monteith returning from ‘rehab’ right? Monteith has always been very truthful about his drug addiction, but he has always clarified that it was all in the past and he’s moved on now. That’s why it ended up being a slight surprise to hear that he had checked back into rehab for substance abuse last month.

However, it was said to be a voluntary decision without a need for an intervention, and we admired him for being honest with himself. Now, People is reporting that Cory has ‘completed’ treatment for substance abuse and he’s out of rehab. So we’re calling BS.

Cory is a good actor and seems to be a good guy, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see that this is pressure from his reps. But when you enter rehab, you don’t get out in a month unless you’re Lindsay Lohan. A month is for detoxing your body, not rehabilitation from serious substance abuse. If Cory’s problem was as serious as everyone claimed, then that one month would have done nothing but get rid of all the shit in his body so he wouldn’t fail any more drug tests.

Again – it could just have been pressure from his reps. After all, the report appeared in People Magazine. I mean, a young, good looking kid at the peak of his career – not only will his reputation be tarnished, but if he goes to rehab for several months, he loses out on roles and possibly his career.

We don’t claim to know what he was addicted to or how bad the addiction was. But if it’s anything to go by his past interviews, then it was serious. Being in rehab for a month is basically worse than not going to rehab at all because the cravings are just going to get worse than ever when you leave. So while we hope and pray for the best, this really doesn’t seem to be in Cory’s best interest.

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