Gillian Anderson Admits She and David Duchovny Living Together Now! CDL Exclusive

Gillian Anderson Admits She and David Duchovny Living Together Now! CDL Exclusive

The Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny romance is one that has been under scrutiny for a very long time now. While certain X-Files fans would like to pretend that their favorite couple has always been together, they’ve definitely had their on/off moments over the last few years.

This is really the first time that both Gillian and David have been single at the same time, and of course, rumors have started up again. However, this time Celeb Dirty Laundry has the words straight from Gillian herself, revealing in a recent interview, “Um, yeah, [we] just kind of check in with each other, and then um, you know if I’m heading to New York — we just missed each other on this last trip — I let him know and we try and get together. But since we live together, as well, sometimes, you know, I see him all the time.”

‘Since we live together!!’ I think that just caused a couple of X-files fans to stop breathing. It’s interesting to note that Gillian is careful to use the word ‘sometimes’ – as in they ‘sometimes’ live together, or they ‘sometimes’ date? Why is sometimes in this sentence? Does she mean that they’ve had an on-again/off-again relationship for a long time, and they take turns living together? In fact, it really does seem like Gillian let slip the details rather than doing it on purpose.

What do you guys think? Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny finally together? I mean, what else could Gillian mean when she says they’re living together? There’s also the fact that we had eyewitnesses reveal to us that they saw Gillian and David together going up to the apartment they share in NYC.

Let us know your thoughts on this relationship [a long time coming] in the comments.

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