Demi Moore Using Astrologer To Map Out Her Life Post Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore Using Astrologer To Map Out Her Life Post Ashton Kutcher 0603

Demi Moore is hell bent on working out those demons in her life and has recently employed an astrologer to help her navigate her future through the stars. I’m sure it’s not as hokey as I just made it out to be but it’s still hokey. Demi has been under the guidance of Paddi Moore, the Tulum, Mexico-based astrologer and counselor who specializes in metaphysics and spiritual sciences. Her goals: rid herself of bad juju from the Ashton Kutcher split and strengthen interpersonal relationships. Is this dude the worst spiritual adviser of all time? Because I’m not seeing a whole lot of results.

I see a lot of yoga. Demi Moore is all about the yoga and Page Six even reports she’s on her way to getting certified as a Kundalini yoga instructor. But other than that…. How were the interpersonal relationships strengthened when she skipped out on her daughter’s college graduation? And how is she getting rid of the bad karma from her divorce by going after Ashton’s money when she has plenty of her own. I’m not the most spiritual person but, to me, money and the spiritual life go together like oil and water.


But what the shit, right? This is giving her something to do. Demi Moore is clearly one of those people that needs to keep searching for something bigger than herself. She needs guidance. She needs grand ideas and this Paddy guy is giving them to her. If it keeps her happy and healthy then who am I to judge? I’m just wondering what the money’s paying for at this point.

And you know I’m not an Ashton apologist by any means but I get the Mila Kunis appeal more than ever now. Anyone with two eyes can get it but she’s got to be so refreshingly simple. It had to be tiring being with someone always looking for an answer. I can see Mila Kunis giving him one look and saying, “F-ck answers. Let’s go have a beer.”

What do you make of the Demi Moore/astrologer partnership?  Perhaps she should have consulted the stars before she decided to marry a man 15 years younger. I wonder what pearls of wisdom they would have had then….

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