Brooks Forester Rejects A Heartbroken Desiree Hartsock – The Bachelorette Finale Part 1 Recap and Review

Brooks Forester Rejects A Heartbroken Desiree Hartsock - The Bachelorette Finale Part 1 Recap and Review

You know, the Bachelorette is pretty transparent in how it sets up the episodes, especially the finales. Brooks Forester was the only one interviewed by Chris Harrison, and who did Desiree Hartsock end up picking? Well, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Part 1 of the finale began with Desiree narrating her thoughts on the final three remaining contestants, and she reveals that her feelings for Brooks are different from the other two. Is this the whole ‘you want what you can’t have’ thing going on? She adds that she can picture Brooks as her husband, but her first date is with Drew. Dun dun dun.

Both of them go exploring, and Desiree reveals her feelings to him, explaining how much she loves his honesty and loyalty. In a confession, Drew admits that he wants to marry Desiree and is sure she is the ‘one’.

Onwards and forwards. She invites him to stay the night at the fantasy suite, and he says yes. Romantic scenes follow. Desiree admits that she wants love with Drew, and Drew couldn’t be happier. She basically says that he makes her feel like a princess, and the two have some alone time together when the lights go out. [On a side note, what do you think actually happens when they turn the lights off. The cameras go away, and then? Do they just talk, or do they actually hook up? Reality shows are known for how much they manipulate reality].

Meanwhile, Brooks is confused and doesn’t know what’s holding him back from revealing his love for Desiree. He goes home and decides to discuss the situation with his family, who give him some great advice and tell him to tell Desiree the truth about how he really feels.

Meanwhile, Desiree is now on her date with Chris. She admits that she can see Chris as part of her family as well. Well duh, she has to say that – she can’t reveal the truth until the end of the episode, can she? Anyway, Chris later drops a bombshell about having to move to Seattle for work, and after some deliberation, Desiree decides that she could live in Seattle – for ‘love’.

Even after that, Desiree still admits that she feels stronger about Brooks than the other two in a confessional. Meanwhile, Brooks gets interviewed by Chris Harrison, and admits that his heart is holding him back from telling Desiree he loves her. In the end, he tells Desiree that he can’t be in love with her, even though Desiree tells him that she wants to marry him. And at the end of the episode, Desiree basically says that she doesn’t have any more love to give to either Chris or Drew after Brooks’ rejection. I’m willing to bet a lot of money that Desiree and Brooks will be passionately reunited in Part 2.

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  2. Victoria McGuire says:

    Excuse me, how can you be in love with 3men at the same time and string them along?? Disgusting.

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