Desiree Hartsock Bored and Disgusted With Chris Siegfried – Regrets Engagement and Dreads Marriage

Desiree Hartsock Bored and Disgusted With Chris Siegfried - Regrets Engagement and Dreads Marriage

ABC’s romance reality show, The Bachelorette, may have ended, but the real life courtship between Desiree Hartsock, and Chris Siegfried has settled in. Surprisingly, there are rumors of trouble in paradise already! Just moments after the couple canoodled for the cameras, and protested their love on the show’s finale, they’re already acting as dry as the bed sheets of Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw.

Brooks Forester didn’t make an error. This hot cock, wifey wanna-be, is the type who finds a reason to be dissatisfied. Brooks smelled a rat marinating in garlic from the storm drain blocks away. Chris is Desiree’s obvious second choice, but most husbands are. Hartsock insisted Chris, “was never my second choice!

In nine seasons, only two couples have actually married. “Most relationships don’t make it down the aisle” says host, Chris Harrison. The fact that Hartsock is a bridal designer, only multiplies her pressure to wed any freaking body. Did she settle for Siegfried, like Kim Kardashian had to settle for Kris ‘The Hump’ Humphries? Like Lady Gaga should settle for Rhinoplasty?

Adding Ben Affleck to the Batman franchise – Desiree’s own brother admitted, “It’s obvious Des settled for Chris”, Nate Hartsock told In Touch August 26 print edition. “He wasn’t her first choice. She went on the show because she wanted to get married so badly. She wants the family, and the kids.”

Desiree’s foolish fiancé, Chris, is playing crazy like he doesn’t know what’s going on. He refuses to even watch Hartsock’s epic scenes of her Amanda Bynes ish reaction to getting led down a dark ally in South Central, wearing all red, on national television by Forester. Brooks embarrassed her ass. She deserved it. Desiree is ungrateful for taking Chris’ love for granted. Having someone actually love you for you, is priceless, even if he is a boring schmuck.

The Bachelorette couple was spotted at a Los Angeles café acting like strangers. We laugh at their withdrawals from the camera’s presence.

Are most single women just too damn picky, and caught in the fascination their favorite movies and books have depicted? Does Desiree want a husband and family so badly, that she’ll sacrifice true love? Is the wife/mom title more important than internal happiness? What do you think?

Image Credit: ABC