Dexter RECAP 8/25/13: Season 8 Episode 9 “Make Your Own Kind Of Music”

Dexter RECAP 8/25/13: Season 8 Episode 9 “Make Your Own Kind Of Music”

DEXTER returns to Showtime tonight with the eighth episode of its eight and final season and the show is really getting crazy. On tonight’s show called, “Make Your Own Kind Of Music” Dexter investigates a murder that hits close to home. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here. So head over to get caught up before tonight’s episode.

On last week’s show Dexter decided to help Hannah leave the country.  Not only was Dexter trying to help Hannah he was trying to find Zach who had left for the Florida Keys.  Dexter suspected that Zack killed Cassie.  Angel offered Deb a job at the precinct.   When Dexter and Hannah got to where Zack was staying they found it was set up like a kill zone.  After some investigation Dexter realized that Zack did not kill Cassie someone else did.  Zack had the kill zone set up to kill someone from his high school who bragged about killing a girl.

On tonight’s show Dr. Vogel gets the surprise of her life when someone from her past returns.  Deb is back on the police force and working as a detective for Angel in homicide.  Meanwhile, a Federal Marshall shows up looking for Hannah McKay.  Dr. Vogel and Dexter are working together to try to find who killed Zack, or so it seems.  Dexter feels like Zack is trying to send him a message.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss, we are down to the last episodes. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Dexter Season 8 episode 9 — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap check if you want to read some spoilers and see a sneak peek video from tonight’s episode, go here.

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Dexter and Hannah are in bed, cuddling post-coital. He tells he wants to stay with her and she says he can’t. She tells him she’s sorry about what happened to Zack and Dex says he needs to talk to Vogel. Hannah has to go see her old pal Arlene to get cash that she’s been stashing for her because she can’t tap into her Maggie Castner money. They swap heartfelt I love you’s and kiss.

Vogel is noticeably upset about Zack’s death. She says they have to find a way to let his family know and Dexter says to give him a little while before involving Miami Metro. He plays Vogel the song that was playing when he found his body. It’s a song Vogel recognizes and says one of her patients may have heard it playing at her office.
They are looking over Zack’s studio and Dexter notices subtle signs of a struggle but no blood and assumes the killer cleaned up. Vogel wants to know what message the killer is trying to send. Dexter doesn’t care about the message – he says he’s going to kill the guy for leaving the body there – especially when Harrison could have been there.

Dexter finds a spot of blood, a few hairs and a fingerprint. He thinks Zack left him the clue deliberately. Vogel says if that’s true then Zack was acting rationally and calmly – she points out that Dexter is not acting rationally. She asks if he’s being emotional because he had to send Hannah away. He reveals that he didn’t send her away and is going to try to make a life with her.

Vogel asks how it can be done. She tells him she’s not the perfect psychopath she thought and says he has a depth of emotion. He tells her that once he takes care of the brain surgeon, he’s going to focus on life with Hannah. Vogel tells him he can’t have a full emotional life without killing and he says she’s underestimating him.

Elway is chatting with a US Marshal about Hannah. He shows him photos of Maggie’s IDs and asks to be in on the team chasing her but the Marshal says no thanks but tells Elway he’ll get the reward money. Angel finds Deb at the food truck outside Miami Metro and hugs her. He asks if she’s there to see him and she says he’s there for Quinn. Angel asks her again to rejoin the force. She says Matthews won’t go for it but he disagrees.

Quinn tells Deb that he knows who killed Cassie but can’t follow up on it. He shows her Zack’s photo – and she immediately recognizes him as the young guy with Dex and Hannah – and Quinn tells her that the guy is a serial killer in training. Hmm… Wonder if Deb can figure out who was training him.

Deb has a run in with Nikki until Vince gets his kid to back down and let Deb in the lab to see Dexter. She immediately confronts him about hanging out with Zack. She asks if it was a serial killer’s convention. He says he was helping Vogel out. She says she doesn’t know why she even asks. Dexter tells her that Zack is dead and that no one else knows. She tells him she doesn’t want to know. She tells him she’s thinking about coming back to Miami Metro but says it will just f-up her life again. She leaves annoyed.

The hair is a familial match to Dr. Vogel. Dexter brings her the news in person and tells her the brain surgeon is family of hers. She tells him she has no family – any more. She tells him she had two children but says they’re gone. Richard drowned in the pool. She realized that her older son Daniel had killed his little brother. She tells him Daniel was very smart but troubled.

She says he was devoid of empathy, no sense of fear or right and wrong. She said him being a psychopath led her into the field. She tells him she failed him and couldn’t help him and that made her determined to help Dexter. She says she and her husband covered up the killing and had him institutionalized in England at age 14. She says he was killed in a fire at the hospital three years later. She says seven children died. Vogel says her hubby ID’d the body but it was horribly burned.

Dexter tells her he thinks Daniel faked his death. She asks why has he come back now. He asks what the brain pieces mean. She says she knows how her son felt when he found out she was sickened by his lack of empathy. Votel gives him a photo of her son and Dexter photo ages it. The results aren’t revealing but then he keeps tweaking it. It looks like Cassie’s boyfriend! OMG!!

He pulls up Oliver’s DMV records and compares the license photo to the photo aging and gets a facial match confirmation on the bone structure. Then he digs into the records and finds he assumed the identity of a dead person. Harry cautions him to be careful and to confirm before he acts.

Angel brings in the US Marshal who’s searching for Hannah. He’s concerned that Dexter may be a target. He tells him that the Hannah he knows would be too smart to come back to Miami. Angel offers him uniformed escorts – Dexter doesn’t want them on him but asks to have Harrison guarded and Angel agrees. Dexter asks how they’ll find her and he says they’ll get her photo out to local media.

Harry shows up and tells him that Vogel is right and he can’t afford to get distracted by Hannah. Dexter insists he can do both and calls Hannah to give her a heads up about the Marshals. He tells her they know she’s in Miami and tells her she can’t go to Arlene’s. She tells him she needs the money and he offers her money – turns out she’s got $500k at her buddy’s and he doesn’t have that much scratch on hand so he offers to give her a ride. He picks her up and they agree that they can’t be together in Miami but will work on another plan.

Deb’s with Quinn and she alibis Zack out for Cassie’s murder. He wants to know how she knew he was in the Keys but she won’t tell him her sources. He is upset because he was so sure it was Zack. She tells him he’s a good cop and has nothing to prove. He tells her that he’s been letting Jamie down with not getting the promotion. She mocks him for being sensitive. He tells her that Jamie is jealous of her and compares herself to Deb. Deb says she can’t advise him on that because it’s weird. She does agree to talk to Jamie about Cassie’s murder to look for more info.

Dex and Hannah get to Arlene’s and it’s a nice crib. Arlene asks if Dex is the asshole who turns her in and he cops to it. She asks how their relationship is going to work out and he says they’re working on it. Arlene hand her the suitcase but then Dexter sees the Marshal pull up. He tells Hannah to hide and Arlene to act natural. He knocks on the door and Arlene lets him in. He’s surprised to see Dexter. He explains that he met Arlene through Hannah and that he stopped by to warn her.

He asks her about her improved finances and better home. He asks how she can afford the place and asks if she’s gotten any money from Hannah. He threatens her and asks if she knows how aiding and abetting will affect her. Dexter puts his arm around Arlene and says he’s been helping her financially. The Marshal is disgusted that he’s hooked up with another criminal and tells them to let him know if they hear from Hannah. He leaves.

Deb stops by Dexter’s to “visit Harrison” and to casually pump Jamie for info. She asks about Cassie and Jamie says Oliver is still in shock. Deb asks about him and Jamie says Oliver told her it was love at first sight. She says Cassie was getting ready to dump up but he had been begging her to go with him to the Bahamas. Jamie tells her the trip was supposed to be next week. Deb leaves, calls Quinn and tells him to start sniffing at Oliver the boyfriend again.

Dexter wants to hide Hannah at Deb’s and she agrees it’s a good option but they know Deb won’t like it.

Quinn and Deb are interviewing Oliver whose feigning extreme grief. He tells them he’s busy at work and is running late. He tells them that he was inspecting a building the night she died. He says he’s booked for weeks and Deb asks how the Bahamian vacation would work in. He says Cassie was pushing for it and he didn’t want to go. He says they were both very in love.

They leave and Deb tells Quinn that Oliver was lying to them. Quinn isn’t convinced that it’s enough to signal guilt but says he’ll dig deeper into the alibi. Quinn tells her he’s glad to be working with her again and enjoys the rhythm. He kisses her then apologizes and Deb says they should pretend he didn’t do it. She looks very uncomfortable.

Deb comes home to find Dexter and Hannah waiting for her and asks what the f? Hannah leaves them to talk alone. They go out onto her balcony and he tells her he needs a place for Hannah to stay. He tells he about the Marshal and it’s the only thing he could think of. He says it’s just for a couple of nights until he can get her out of Miami. He says please and Deb insists that it will only be good for a couple of nights.

She also tells him he owes her a thanks for getting Quinn off of Zack’s trial. She tells him they’re focusing on Oliver and he begs her to stay away from him – says he’s very dangerous. He won’t give her any details. She tells him that Oliver is all hers and that she knew going back and doing stuff with the police would put her in an f-d up sitch.

Dex tells Hannah she’ll be okay there and she seems skeptical. Says they’ll just hang. Dexter realizes if they spooked Oliver he’ll have to act fast. He comes to his apartment and sees that he’s already gone. He rifles the trash and finds a can to run

DNA from to compare against the hairs.

Dexter is fixing breakfast for Hannah when Harrison asks if they’re going to see her. He says he saw her on TV and wants to know if she’ll come by. He tells Dexter that he likes her and wishes she could be his mom. Awww…

Dexter checks the DNA results and it’s a match. Oliver is definitely the shrink’s son. He brings Vogel a photo of him and tells her he’s alive but on the run. She asks what he’ll do if he finds him. He tells her to take a guess and she says she’s not sure how she feels about it since he’s her son. She says she can put him back in a facility – that she won’t let Dexter kill him. She tells him her younger son is gone forever but she might have a second chance with Daniel.

He muses that the second chance she wants could get them both killed. He agrees – but I don’t think he means it. Dexter asks if there’s a way for her to get a message to him. She thinks the song is a key – it’s a happy memory they shared. They played it on the jukebox at the King’s Bay Cafe. He thinks Oliver is monitoring her laptop. Dex tells her to make a journal entry that she’s going to the café in the morning. He thinks Daniel wants to see her bad enough to show up.

Dexter admits to himself that he’s deceiving Vogel but Hannah reassures him it’s the only thing to be done. She tells him that she understands Vogel wanting to protect her son though. She tells him he would do the same for Harrison. He tells her that no matter what Oliver is going on his table. Hannah asks how Vogel will feel about it and he says it doesn’t matter. She kisses him and he tells her he’s glad she’s there. She tells him she wants to be able to be there for him but there’s no life for her in Florida.

Hannah tells him she can have a life in Argentina. She tells him they could all have a life together there that he and Harrison could meet her there. He tells her it would be hard uprooting Harrison but then he abruptly says yes. And says me, you and Harrison will move to Argentina. He says he can put in his notice at work and say he’s burnt out and they’re going to travel. He says only Deb will know the truth.

Matthews asks Angel if he knows where Zack is – says the parents called and haven’t seen him for days. They filed a missing person report and Matthews says if he’s found he wants to know first.

Deb is in Angel’s office at his request. He hands her back her badge and tells her welcome back. He tells her she earned her way back and it’s made him happy that the family is back together. She tears up and says it’s happening so fast and she needs to think about it. He says it’s what she wanted and she agrees but says she still needs time. He tells her to take all the time she wants. He hands her the badge and tells her to hang on to it.

She leaves his office and finds Quinn coming into the room. They say hey awkwardly. He tells her that Oliver cleared out of his place and ditched his phone. He tells her they’re on the right track and she wishes him luck with it. He tells her he never would have gotten that far without her and she says she’s glad she could help.

At home, Deb notices that Hannah cleaned. And she’s cooking dinner. She tells her she hopes she can still find her shit. Hannah sets the table and asks Deb if she’s hungry. Deb is incredulous since she poisoned her recently. She says she made enough for both and she can eat or not. Hannah sees the badge and asks Deb if she’s going back to Miami Metro. Deb asks how she can since her brother is a serial killer and there’s another one in her house eating salad.

Hannah tells her she knows a lot about learning to live without things. She says if she had learned to take no for an answer her life may have been easier. They agree that’s the one thing they have in common. They eat in silence for a moment. Deb laughs and says she can’t believe she’s eating food Hannah made. Hannah asks if it tastes okay and they laugh.

Next morning, Dexter tells Jamie he’s sorry about the police protection. Jamie says it’s a good idea because if Hannah showed up, Harrison would probably run right into her arms. Dexter muses to himself that his son isn’t the only one. The Marshal shows up at that moment and says he’s checking on them.

He tells him he thinks the Hannah threat has died down and he’s recommending they pull off the protective detail. The Marshal asks Harrison’s name and looks at the photo Harrison is drawing. He asks who the pretty blonde lady is and Dexter looks tense but Harrison says it’s his Mom. He runs  off for his swim lesson. Dexter tells the Marshal that Harrison lost his mom young and drawing helps him deal with it.

Elway comes in and closes the door and confronts her about not telling him that Dexter and Hannah dated. He asks her what else she’s lying about and if she lied about seeing Hannah and if she backed off for her brother’s sake. He tells her if she’s not in the game she should leave so he can use the office space for someone who gives a damn and slams out.

Dexter comes to Vogel’s and when her back is turned he drugs her tea. She agrees that the plan is that she will lure her son in and Dexter will drug him and she’ll take him to a mental facility. They sip the tea and she says she can’t believe she’s going to see her son. She’s overwhelmed and calls Daniel her little boy. She trembles and then Dexter catches her and her cup as she tumbles.

He muses that he thought it was kinder to use one of Hannah’s concoctions instead of using his usual shot on her. He thinks that this way she’ll never have to see what her son has become. Oliver comes in to the café and orders coffee. He flips through the jukebox list and plays the song that reminds him of his mother “Make Your Own Kind of Music” – he listens, sips his coffee and waits.

Time passes and he plays the song over and over. Dexter watches from outside wondering how many times he’s going to play the song before he gives up. Looks like over an hour. Dex plans to follow him until he can take him. He follows at a fair distance back. But Daniel is smart… He turns a corner and Dex sees him get into a white truck and takes off. He looks right at Dexter as he leaves. Dexter’s own tires are slashed!!

Harry tells him that Daniel spotted him and may think Vogel sent him. Dex worries that he’s headed to his mother’s house. He calls but gets no answer. He pounds on the door and she finally comes, angry that he drugged her. She tells him she’ll handle it herself and he tells her it’s not smart. She says it’s a family matter. He says she called him her spiritual mother and asks if that matters – she reminds him that he broke her trust when he drugged her.

He tells her that he and Hannah are leaving with Harrison as soon as he takes out Daniel. She tells him it won’t work and tells him to leave Daniel alone. She’s not happy with him. Dex muses that Vogel thinks he’s trapped between two worlds and says maybe he is, but he can’t live without Hannah.

Turns out Daniel was there and watching and wanted proof that Vogel didn’t send Dexter after him. She offers him breakfast and he calls her Mom. She caresses his hand and they share a sick smile…