Dexter Season 8 Episode 11 REVIEW “Major Casualty on Dexter’s Side”

Dexter Season 8 Episode 11 REVIEW "Major Casualty on Dexter’s Side"

Last night’s episode 10 of DEXTER was the penultimate episode of Dexter. In just one more week we say goodbye (sniff). I wonder if we will get another Dexter by the end of the series (seeing as how our Dexter is losing the urge to kill little by little). Maybe it could be a flash forward and Harrison could be the killer and Dexter could be his Harry. Or maybe Deb could take over the reigns. Maybe we could just stay in the present and Quinn could be the killer, ( he has it in him, I’ve watched it slowly progress this season) we could call him Quinnster….lol. It’s anybody’s guess at this point. I’ve actually been staying away from spoilers because I want to be completely caught off guard. However I’m sure tonight’s episode will set up the finale quite nicely. Not to mention drop a few clues.

Dexter is still at Vogel’s house. He is cleaning Vogel’s blood off of him. Dexter remembers what she told him about living to different life’s and realizes that he has to remove any trace of him from hers. Dexter starts destroying anything and everything that will link him back to Vogel. Dexter knows he has to call in Vogel’s murder.

Angel and Quinn show up and start questioning Dexter. Asking Dexter what he was doing at her house (the usual). Quinn informs Angel and Dexter that the neighbors saw a man in his forties leave in a white or gray pickup truck. Dexter tells Angel he wants to help find the killer. Angel replies with a sharp NO. (Conflict of interest and what not.) Dexter is still going to go after Saxon.

Dexter goes home and tells Deb what happened. Saxon killed Vogel right in front of him. Deb offers her usual f**k as a reply. Dexter and Deb realize that if it wasn’t for Vogel they probably would still be estranged. Deb is curious to know if Dexter is going to go after Saxon. Dexter answers in the affirmative. Deb says she will go back to work so she can help to try and catch Saxon. Hannah picks this moment to walk in. Hannah hands Dexter their trip plans. Hannah senses something going on and ask Dexter if they are in fact still going. Dexter tells Hannah about Vogel. Hannah knows Dexter is going to go in for the kill and ask if he can do it quickly. Dexter tells Hannah that he can. They have exactly two days until they are going to leave.

Dexter is at home packing. Sil walks in. She informs Dexter that his place is going to sell fast, especially since lots of people have been coming by to look at it. Harrison comes in upset with his daddy because…..wait for it…he put his “monkey in a box”.

Harrison is staying over at Jamie’s for the night just in case anybody was wondering.

Dexter is also going to sale his boat. He finds out while talking to the guy who is interested in buying the slice of life that a tropical storm is supposed to make landfall in two days. Dexter has a pretty ticked out boat for a single parent working in a police department. The guy tells him he was hoping it would have a bigger beer cooler. Dexter has a “are you kidding me look n his face”, he tells the guy that maybe this isn’t the boat for him.

Dexter is at work trying to get a lead on where Saxon might be. Masuka comes in and tells them they didn’t find anything at Vogel’s . Masuka hands him the files for the case and leaves. Dexter finds a old hospital he thinks Saxon might be using for his kill room. Nikki comes in and tells Dexter that Quinn is looking for him. When she fails to elaborate beyond twirling her hair Dexter ask her why, she says its for a swab thing in the interrogation room. When Dexter arrives Saxon is there (this guy is truly crazy). Its taking every ounce of restraint Dexter has not to kill him right then and there.Saxon’s reason for being there is quite simple, he wants to clear his name in the killing of Cassie (crazy like a fox). ( Anyone else ever wonder if Quinn knows what Dexter has been doing all this time?) Dexter gets the swab and Saxon knows he is about to be screwed.

Dexter goes over to Deb unpacking her box and putting it on her desk. Dexter tells her about Saxon coming in. Dexter tells her he got a swab. For a minute Deb is unclear how this is useful, but then she catches on, it will provide the much needed DNA match to Vogel. Dexter calls him a sociopath (people in glass houses…….). Deb wonders why Dexter is helping them to catch him, I mean it stands to reason Dexter would want him for himself. Dexter tells her he just wants him taken care of (besides he probably has all those kick ass tools of his packed up, what with moving and all). Deb is surprised by Dexters response, but not as quite surprised as Dexter is by it. Dexter leaves to go do the test. Deb wonders over to Quinn’s desk looking for pins, she grabs some scissors while she is there. She is rummaging through his desk when Quinn walks up and tells her the pins are in the bottom drawer ( Quinn must be psychic). Deb finds her engagement ring in his drawer. (Good thing Jamie never went hunting in there). Quinn just takes it and puts it back in the drawer. Deb smiles when she walks away.

Dexter is at the old hospital giving it the once over (in his kill shirt, so I guess he didn’t pack that). Dexter being a sociopath whisperer goes right to Saxon’s kill room ( I wish they would just call him Daniel already). Harry is there as well. Dexter is talking to him about how Zach was killed in that very room, strapped to that very chair. Dexter realizes that he hasn’t been living in the hospital. Harry tells him he can bet he will be back because that creepy hospital with the even creepier kill room is special to him. Harry tells Dexter he needs to wait for him to come back. Dexter doesn’t have the time he just wants him dead. Harry assumes Dexter means by his hand. Dexter tells him anyone’s hand will do. Harry tells him that doesn’t sound like the old Dexter. Dexter tells him maybe he isn’t the old Dexter anymore. Dexter finds his laptop hidden in a cabinet. Dexter opens it up and sees that he has all of Vogel’s files on him as well as all his own kills videotaped ( that’s just bad business right there). Dexter thinks the laptop is the key he needs.

Deb is working late. Quinn walks up to her and ask if she is going to Vogel’s memorial the next day. Deb tells him yes. Quinn tells Deb to let him know of she needs a ride (he winks). Deb smiles and says she will. The Marshall pops up next to ask her about the blonde woman matching Hannah’s description that took Harrison to the hospital. Deb informs him that it was in fact her that took him to the hospital and that maybe the nurse needs to get her f**king eyes checked out.

Everyone is at Vogel’s memorial. Matthews offers to take everyone for drinks. Deb comes out long enough to tell him he needs to come and spend time with everybody. Matthews comes out and offers to buy him a drink. Nikki and Masuka are trying to figure out the whole father, daughter thing (still). Dexters and Quinn are talking about Deb and how all they both want is for Deb to be happy. Sil calls Dexter to tell him she has a cash buyer for his place. Dexter tells her he will meet her in half an hour. Angel walks up to Dexter and tells him he doesn’t know what it will be like without Dexter. Then Angel turns around and gives a toast in honor of Dexter. Dexter admits he is going to miss everybody.

It’s Saxon who wants to buy his condo. Saxon gets Sil to leave and then he lays it out for Dexter. They walk away from each other and live there own separate life’s. Saxon tells him if he chooses to come after him Dexter will loose. He goes on to threaten everyone that Dexter cares about, Harrison, Deb, Hannah, his step kids. Saxon again points out the choice is Dexter’s. Dexter tell him he can live with that. Saxon smiles and tells Dexter he going to let Sil know he is putting in a offer for the condo. Dexter knows he really can’t let Saxon just walk away because of everything he does have to lose.

The Marshal is at Elway’s office. He tells Elway that Deb is the one that is hiding Hannah. He ask Elway to go to Deb’s and see if Hannah is there especially if Elway still wants the reward money.

Hannah and Deb are talking when Elway shows up. He claims he is there to drop off some of her stuff. Elway lets himself in. Deb throws him the f**k out of her house. Deb tells Hannah she needs to find somewhere to go. Hannah calls Dexter and lets him know about the situation. Dexter tells Hannah to stay put, then heads back to Deb’s. Dexter tells them about the threats Saxon made. Deb is confident she can handle it. Hannah thinks they should leave immediately. Dexter has to do take care of Saxon before he can go.

Deb takes Hannah to her hotel. They talk about how much Dexter means to them. They both agree that they love him. Deb tells Hannah to take care of him and Harrison and she drives off.

Dexter is sitting at home sending a anonymous email with a video link with Saxon to Miami Metro and a news station. Harry is talking to Dexter. Dexter tells him that his need to kill is lessened by his need for Hannah.

Nikki brings Quinn the DNA results, which prove that Saxon is Vogel’s son. Deb acts surprised. Quinn really is surprised.

Deb shows up to Dexters to have one last dinner with him before he leaves for Argentina. Deb thinks the next time they get together it will be f**king tacos and tequila. Dexter tells her no that it will be steaks. They are going to be in Argentina not Mexico. Dexter tells her she has to leave because he is expecting Saxon to show up any minute now. Deb locks Dexter’s door. Dexter tries to convince her to leave. Deb tells him nothing is going to stop him from having one last night with her brother, so could he please help her find the f**king skillet. Dexter smiles puts the food on the counter and walks right to the skillet.

Elway is helping the Marshall ransack Deb’s house looking for clues to where Hannah might be it if she was there. Elway comes across the airline info on the Internet and writes it down so he can check and see if any names pop. The Marshall tells him he is going to tail both of the Morgan’s and see if they lead him to Hannah.

Deb and Dexter are getting ready to eat dinner. Dexter tells Deb that he is giving Astor the SUV and he wants to know if Deb can drive it up to her. Deb tells him she will after the storm passes. They are watching the news. Deb is not sure what to do without Dexter. Dexter tells her she is strong and that she will be ok. Deb tells him that the code has nothing to do with him being a good brother. Saxon is on the news, apparently the news decided that showing the videos on TV was the best way to go. Deb ask if Dexter is the one who sent it. Dexter says yes and that’s why he knows Saxon will show up.

Saxon is feeling up his truck when he hears the news on the news that he is being looked for due to the videos. He listens for a minute. Then says f**king Dexter. Hops in his truck and leaves.

Dexter is laying in bed pretending to be asleep ( isn’t he moving?). Saxon ever so casually breaks in and thinks he is going to kill Dexter in his sleep. Ha did he find out with a gun to the back of his head and a freeze motherf**ker from Deb. Once they subdue him Dexter tells Deb he will take it from there. Deb smiles and leaves.

Dexter wakes Saxon up. Dexter has him in the very room in the very chair that Zach died in. For whatever reason they start chit chatting. It’s during this conversation that Dexter realizes he loves Hannah and that he would rather be with her than with Saxon. Dexter can’t bring himself to kill him, he says he doesn’t need to. Dexter stuffs his mouth and calls Deb. Deb goes to the old hospital to take in Saxon. The Marshal follows her. Dexter leaves the knives he doesn’t want them. Deb tells him to at least hug her. Dexter does ( and this is when a little warning bell starts going off in my head, not for Dexter but for Deb). Dexter tells her the hug is just for now not forever (ding ding ding). Deb says I know f**k face.

Dexter goes to his car. Harry is standing there waiting. He wants to know if Dexter is sure about this. Dexter tells him he is. Harry said he thought the day would never come, that Dexter wouldn’t need him anymore. Dexter looks up at the sun and them gets in his car. Harry is no longer standing there.

Deb is calling for backup at the hospital.

Meanwhile the stupid ass Marshal goes in the very room with the very chair that Zach was killed in and that Saxon is strapped down on, and precedes to let him go. Don’t worry though he pays the price when Saxon stabs him. Saxon comes up on Deb and she turns to shoot him but unfortunately Saxon is quicker and Deb is the one left bleeding to death on the ground.

Dexter is packing to leave. Jamie is saying good bye to Harrison. Hannah is at the airport. Dexter is talking about how is future is bright, brighter than it has ever been. Then it goes black and you hear the storm coming.

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