Eddie Cibrian Using LeAnn Rimes, Spending All Of Her Money!

Eddie Cibrian Using LeAnn Rimes, Spending All Of Her Money! 0103

Those two do go on a lot of vacations. And the only person I ever hear about working in that relationship is LeAnn Rimes. True, she might be drunk half the time but she’s still making the money. What exactly does Eddie Cibrian do besides get in twitter fights with his ex, Brandi Glanville?

And before you ask, no, I don’t think Brandi was the source that told Star magazine Eddie’s using LeAnn and burning through her money. It was probably Brandi’s best friend while Brandi was listening on the other line.

This is why Eddie’s not throwing LeAnn away anytime soon. She’s a great meal ticket. She might be a tad on the needy side but what’s that matter when you get to live in a mansion? According to Brandi that’s exactly where the couple is headed. In her latest not-quite-spiteful tweet she said, “Ok Im super excited my kids are moving into a mansion but I want to throw up in my mouth and swallow it- having to keep hearing about it :).”

All those posed shots for the paparazzi must be getting pretty lucrative. What? You didn’t hear about that? Well, it turns out that (surprise, surprise) LeAnn has a deal with the photo agencies so all those obvious bikini spreads on the beach she’s so fond of taking aren’t so candid. Actually, I don’t think she gets any money from them but they enhance her image which enhances her brand and exposure which ends up to more money in her pocket at the end of the day.

She has to hustle. She has to keep that husband fat and happy or else he’ll just move on to the next pathetic (her words, not mine) C-list star. But am I being harsh? I thought it was pretty obvious Eddie Cibrian’s using LeAnn Rimes but maybe you think this pair is perfect for each other. He does have a TV movie coming up according to IMDB.com to it’s not like he’s completely useless but I think compared to her fortune it’s peanuts.

Do you think LeAnn Rimes’ money is the only reason Eddie sticks around?


  • of course its the money… have you seen her face, it matches her personality- ugly.


  • If you don’t want to hear about something, stay away from those who you know are going to talk about it. That is why I never watch the news because the majority of what is talked about are things that I do NOT want to see or hear about. So if some of you people here are sick of reading about LeAnn, why are you even here in the first place???

    God bless you and LeAnn and her family always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her)

    P.S. Go here to see Eddie’s complete TV and film profile to see that it isn’t just LeAnn who brings home a paycheck.

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  • Deanne

    Of course he’s with her for her money. He had no where else to go and LeAnn was a nice soft landing for him. They are constantly on vacation and he travels with her when she works at casinos because he LOVES to gamble. Of course he uses her money to do it. She has to keep him entertained and she even pays the rent on his parents house. She has bought him luxury watches, several cars, keeps him in tequila and lots of spending money. Now she’s basically bought him a mansion for Christmas. Bonus for Eddie. We all know that he won’t have put one red cent toward it, but being California, community property dictates that it will be half his. He’s playing her like a violin and letting her take almost all of the backlash for their affair. He’s standing by and watching her make a fool of herself over and over again and does nothing to stop her. I’s say Eddie is a man with a plan.

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