Elissa Slater Saves Amanda Zuckerman From Eviction – Betrays Spencer Clawson on Big Brother 15 Week 10 – READ SHOCKING UPDATE!!

Elissa Slater Saves Amanda Zuckerman From Eviction: Betrays Spencer Clawson on Big Brother 15 Week 10?

We caught a remarkable twist on the live feeds of Big Brother 15! In a last ditch effort to save herself from eviction Amanda Zuckerman went to see the one person in the house she hates. Amanda has been very verbal about the fact that she despises Elissa Slater but that did not stop her from going to see Elissa and begging her to save her from eviction. Not only did she beg her to save her she apologized profusely for all the things she did and said to Elissa.

In my opinion Amanda made a good case to Elissa about why she should save Amanda, I would consider it if it was me. Besides offering Elissa that she and McCrae Olson would not vote her out she basically promised Elissa everything including her first born. And considering that Elissa said that Amanda had an abortion in order to get on Big Brother that is really something. Amanda is convinced that if Elissa will vote for Spencer Clawson to be evicted, Andy Herren (the house rat) will too and that will save her.

Elissa listened to what Amanda had to say and was looking skeptical. Amanda assured Elissa that no one would have to know she was the person who saved her because she could just blame Judd Daugherty.

Amanda reminded Elissa that because of their acrimonious history together no one would ever believe she saved her.

Amanda told Elissa that with a double eviction this week her best chance of saving herself was to save Amanda. Amanda told Elissa that if she evicted Amanda she would probably be the next person to go. But, if she saved Amanda then McCrae and Amanda would never vote Elissa out or ever put her up. Amanda assured Elissa she could trust her.

I am not convinced that Elissa is going to fall in with Amanda’s plans. Elissa went to speak to Andy and told Andy what Amanda wanted. However watching the live feeds this morning it is looking more and more possible that Amanda did convince Elissa to switch to her side.  Elissa doesn’t trust Spencer and this could play right into Amanda’s greedy little hands. It’s still doubtful at this point that Elissa will help Amanda. But this is Big Brother and you never know. Expect the unexpected….

SHOCKING UPDATE: Elissa agrees with Amanda and has decided to work with and save her! Elissa has given Amanda her diamond wedding ring and and Amanda has given Elissa her gold earrings to hold as a symbol of their newly pledged loyalty and friendship.  An amazing turn of events indeed.

Photo Credit: Big Brother Live Feed