Ellen DeGeneres Major Plastic Surgery For Academy Awards – Or Too Keep Portia de Rossi? (Photo)

Ellen DeGeneres Major Plastic Surgery For Academy Awards - Or Is it For Portia de Rossi?

Ellen DeGeneres is one of those rare women in Hollywood that has held up incredibly well with precious little cosmetic help. At 55-years old she still looks pretty amazing but rumor has it the talk show queen is contemplating a major overhaul. Ellen has signed on to host the March 2nd Academy Awards which gives her tons of time to plan some things in advance.

According to the Sept. 2nd print edition of National Enquirer Ellen is seriously thinking about having about $50,000 in plastic surgery done to erase the inevitable lines that are beginning to tell her life story around the stars eyes. There’s also a chance that she would choose to loosen up the skin hanging around her neck. Ellen is looking into what a full facelift and brow lift would entail. The recovery time after the fact would be about 3 weeks so if she wants work done before the Oscars it’s likely to be done this fall.

Even a star like Ellen is feeling the pressure of Hollywood’s need perfection and the fact that she has a hot and younger girlfriend, Portia de Rossi only makes it heavier. Ellen also knows that she needs to look her best to keep Portia interested as well.

Do you think that Ellen for opt for a facial makeover in order to look her very best in time for the Oscars or is she risking unnecessary work that could ultimately cost her the good looks that she already enjoys? I’m all for making you feel better about yourself but at the same time I think it’s nice to know that there a few celebs that refuse to take desperate actions to look younger. There is something to be said for growing old gracefully and until now I kind of thought Ellen got that, didn’t you? Should she succumb to the pressure of Hollywood and have surgery? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

2 responses to “Ellen DeGeneres Major Plastic Surgery For Academy Awards – Or Too Keep Portia de Rossi? (Photo)”

  1. Wow, they are both looking old.

  2. Uol says:

    The line that ellen “needs to look her best to keep portia interested” is the stupidest thing ever. They’ve been together in a stable and steady relationship for over 7 years, do you really think that Portia is just some young hot wife that ellen needs to please to keep her around as arm candy?