Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: Ian Somerhalder Talks About Christian Grey Role! (Video)

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: Ian Somerhalder Talks About Christian Grey Role! (Video)

When Ian Somerhalder sat down to chat with Andy Cohen on last night’s Watch What Happens Live, some topics were inevitable- like Fifty Shades of Grey. Unless you live under a huge rock then you already have heard that the hit trilogy book series is going to be adapted for the big screen and the first one is expected to pop up in theaters next summer.  Casting has been a huge topic and many fans are really pulling for Ian to be cast in the lead role of Christian Grey. He has the hotness and then there’s the gaze. The man looks the part and let’s be real here, looking the part is a third of the battle.

Fifty is all about the BDSM culture and Christian Grey is a money making genius by day and an absolute dominate freak by night. Ian acknowledges all of the press that he has gotten in connection to maybe being cast and he certainly didn’t deny that he was considering it. He told Andy that whomever gets the role is going to be very fortunate and that rehearsing those scenes will probably be a lot of fun.  Reading between the lines, Ian is obviously vying for the part otherwise he could have easily put the rumor to rest right then and there. Instead he seemed very hopeful in his answers and I kind of suspect there’s a lot more talking going on behind the scenes then he was able to let on.

Are you one of the many fans hoping that Ian helps bring Mr. Grey to life on the big screen? Do you think that he has what it takes to make the film a hit? Casting is everything. If the lead characters aren’t believable then the franchise will sink with the first flick. Tell us your thoughts about casting in the comments below!

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