Katie Holmes Looking To Don Sexy New Image With Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Role

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Is Katie Holmes looking to shake up her boring image with a role in Fifty Shades of Grey? Her roles do have a tendency to be quite dull, even in movies that are exciting. I think most Batman fans will agree that her role in Batman Begins was one of the worst parts of the movie, not necessarily because of her performance, but because of the role itself. Well, that’s Chris Nolan‘s problem with writing women, but that’s a whole different conversation.

Anyway, Katie’s had a very slow career comeback after divorcing Scientology Tom Cruise. She’s taken her time, and chosen indie roles at first. Then, she won a supporting role in a major book adaptation of a film that’s starring both Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep, a definite coup for someone who was barely acting two years ago. And now, if she lands Fifty Shades of Grey, her career makeover will be complete. It’s not necessarily about the quality of the films, especially if she’s not the lead, but what her role entails. Right now, casting directors and producers cannot image Katie as ‘sexy’ – try as you might, I don’t think the movie-going audience can either. Thus, get cast in a ‘sexy’ role and change the public’s perception, thereby opening yourself up to more roles and avoid typecasting.

Of course, this report is from the National Enquirer, so take it with a grain of salt. Their source says that Katie’s interested in taking on the role of Elena Lincoln, ‘kinky billionaire and Christian Grey’s longtime sex and business partner’. The source explains, “She’s looking at this as the role of a lifetime. It will shock a lot of people, but she thinks Hollywood will sit up and take notice. It will also make ex-hubbt Tom Cruise fume! This new sexy role will undoubtedly hit Tom like a one-two punch.” You know what? Tommy Girl needs a one-two punch! It was because of him that Katie turned down the chance to reprise her role as Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight, one of the biggest movies of the last decade. Her career could have been on fire after that film, but instead it stalled and took a back seat to Tom’s crazy antics.

What do you guys think about Katie pursuing a role in Fifty Shades of Grey? Do you think she would actually do it, or is all talk? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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