The Young and the Restless: Billy Miller Graciously Explains His Reasons for Leaving

The Young and the Restless: Billy Miller Graciously Explains His Reasons for Leaving

I have to admit, I didn’t know a whole lot about Billy Miller but I certainly noticed the uproar that spun out of the news that he was walking away from his role on The Young and the Restless. He is clearly a hardcore fan favorite that seems to have been given no other choice than to leave the show thanks in big part to the changes ushered in under the tutelage of Jill Farren Phelps. Not that he said that exactly. He didn’t point fingers or blame anyone directly when he sat for an interview that appears in the Dec. 30th print edition of Soap Opera Digest.

Instead Billy simply explains that he needs to try other things to know exactly what the full range of his acting abilities might be. In the past he (and other Y&R actors) had no problem taking time away from the show to pursue other outside projects but that is no longer a possibility. Either you have both feet in or else you need to take both feet elsewhere and that was the choice that Billy made. Its interesting because he insists that he doesn’t necessarily believe that a better job is waiting for him, he still loves Y&R. He just needs to do something different because in the past, every time he did he always came back to the character of Billy more excited to play him.

So let’s get this straight- this guy loves this character, loves this whole work environment and thinks it may end up being the best job he’ll ever have and yet Jill let him walk away! Billy doesn’t rule out a return to daytime and one thing is for sure, his cast mates on Y&R sure as hell don’t want to see him leave! Are you surprised that after all of this Jill let Billy walk away from the show? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!  We also hear rumors that Billy might just drift over to General Hospital for a BIG role!

  • gina

    are you serious oh my gosh this is quite ridiculous they need to keep all the people on the soap opera and just work with them because they are awesome actors and actresses and I will greatly miss them

    • dfinidaho

      And fire Jill Ferren Phelps!!!

  • PWonderful

    I am so sad Billy Miller is leaving because he is truly one of the most talented actors out there today. I have been watching soaps for 20+ years and Billy’s acting after Dee was killed leaves me in awe. I cannot watch him without feeling his grief, his misery, deep devistation, and seeing him makes me “feel” it – now that is extraordinary talent! For a young man that has not experienced this type of loss, his portrayal is on the mark and if JFP was brainless enough to allow him to leave, she should be the one that is fired (but I felt that a long time ago) Anyway, I just want Billy Miller to know his work is incredible and with his talent I am sure he will go far! He should be on the big screen! Thank you Billy – and best of luck!

  • dfinidaho

    Jill Farren Phelps needs fired!

  • Michele Hawker

    No, I’m not surprised she let him go. She has a track record of destroying the shows she produces. She tends to ignore character history, fire fan favorites, like Billy Miller, to make room for her favorite actors, like David Tom, and the show becomes unrecognizable. Y&R is clearly no exception. She has managed to completely destroy the #1 daytime soap for 25 years in a mere 18 months. Now it would seem, she has even gone as far as concocting a ridiculous sexual harassment scandal to get rid of Michael Muhney so she can continue taking Y&R down this dark, evil path viewers hate, Her shows are also often is canceled not long after Jill is inevitably fired because they simply can’t rebound. She is a sorry excuse for a producer and with her horrible track record, I can’t figure out why in the world Bell would hire her. Look around Bell, viewers are dropping like flies and I will be surprised if you will have enough left after the 30th for the show to stay on for even another year. I know I am finished after the 30th.

  • Gail In Seattle

    Get rid of Jill Farren Phelps; she’s ruining Y&R by making changes to the sets (burning down Newman ranch), getting rid of long-running characters, and even killing off Delia and then stretching out that storyline interminably (no it is NOT cathartic for the fans after Jeanne Cooper’s death). Many of us are long-time viewers who do not like the changes she continues to make and she is alienating the established Y&R demographic by doing so. If it ain’t broke, Ms. Phelps, don’t fix it just to put your “stamp” on it, a common mistake of inexperienced executive producers.

  • RedRiver38

    Phelps wanted him gone so he’s gone.

  • Donna

    This Jill is taking this soap opera to hell in a hand basket!!!!!

  • Dean Stacy Sullivan

    She got rid of Phyllis then Adam now Billy all the great ones but keeps actors like Neill Cane and Lily that does nothing for the show Jill is ruinging YAnd R.I dont know where she learned to write but she didnt learn and she needs to go away. Will miss Billy and Michael they need to get rid if Summer too!!

  • Annie

    It’s never the same when characters change! It’s like it looses the quality! I love Billy & he is a fantastic actor! His role & character are a perfect fit! Please bring him back!!!!!!!

  • Bloughmee

    Billy is no Leo DiCaprio. He’ll be lucky to find work doing Ketchup commercials. Y&R might not have been the greatest gig in the world, but it no doubt paid pretty well, and Miller had a loyal fan following. Unless he had a multi-million-dollar blockbuster film role lined up, it was really dumb of him to leave. Just my .02

  • T.Brooks

    I think JFP needs her head examined, there is NO WAY David Tom can hold up to the caliber of Billy’s acting! He certainly does not have the good looks or that “edge” he’s going to need to keep the role going esp. when he butts head with Victor!!

  • Kelli

    I grew up watching Y&R! My grandmother and mother watched it from the beginning. It’s the only soap I watch and there have been a few years in the past when I stopped watching but I got seriously hooked again several years ago and haven’t missed one episode. I loved both the actors playing Billy and Adam. I don’t like the direction that the show is going. Now the only reason I may watch is because of Nick, Sharon,and Victor. Honestly, I am considering not watching anymore because the younger generation of actors in my opinion don’t carry the spark or interest of the older actors and now they are disappearing….I think If Jill Phelps is to blame then she should be terminated from her position. How many more viewers must stop watching in order for a change to occur? I would bet that if they brought Adam and Billy back (the same actors) the viewers and ratings would return. Finally it’s time for Sharon and Nick to get back together!!

  • DJ

    I love Billy n hate that he and Michael are leaving. They , in my opinion, were great in character n had the best story lines. What a shame. Not sure I’ll be tuning in everyday in the future.

  • mary

    I agree this jill person is the one that should be leaving. She is power crazy and need to be at home looking at the mirror trying to fix herself and leave daytime tv along. I miss Billy Miller. I have stopped watching the show. this lady need to go!!!!!!!

  • Kathy

    Bring Billy Miller back!! He’s the best thing to happen to Y&R!

  • K. Jackson

    The loss of Billy Miller is a real loss – nothing against the kid trying to make it work, but a very questionable move and a bit of a slap in the face to Y&R fans . . .

  • Maddie W

    I stop watching young & restless b/c Nikki & Victor were boring. Came back & had been watching b/c Phyllis, Billy & Adam. You confirmed that they’re gone & now so am I.

  • RenMei

    This is so correct. When is JFP going to be fired! The viewers want to know!!!!!

  • Tuesdi

    I’m a Christian woman but boy do I want to put my foot into those who that had anything to do with the departure of my 2 most favorite characters!! I love Billy Miller and Michael Muhney. They are sooooooooo talented. I heard about the allegation against Michael. There had to be a better way of dealing with that besides firing! I’ve always had to set boundaries with men since I was mid teens. Beautiful women get hit on. You cant go around firing men for acting like men. Uncalled for I have watched the show since I was 5. Who’snext Eric Braeden?? This JILL LADY needs to stop having her mid LIFE CRiSIS now Thank YOU!

  • Mindylou

    I agree, get rid of Jill Farren Phillips! I have been watching The Young and the Restless since I was in college ( 70’s) I would schedule my classes Around TY&TR, so I could come back to the sorority house to be able to watch it at 11:30. I was hooked! I got my 28 year old daughter hooked too. Now that we can DVR TY&TR, we can watch it at any time. I have to say after all these years and lots of changes…..Billy Miller Not coming back…….HUGE MISTAKE!

  • ck

    Get rid of Jill and bring Billy Miller back!

  • Carol

    The lost of Billy Miller has hurt the show huge. David Tom just doesnt seem to gel with the other actors especially victoria. Billy Miller is such an amazing talent and it is sad that they never fought to keep him there. Y&R is heading down hill fast.

  • Bebe

    Get rid of Jill. She has no idea what she’s doing. I’m si very sorry
    That Billy was let go. How sad is that. They should let Victor
    Go I cannot stand that guy.

  • this Jill Farren Phelps has a reputation of killing soaps…that is what she did with letting Billy Miller go.
    Billy WAS NOT fired by her! Phelps storylines are beyond awful!! Phelps superiors saw a huge drop in viewers after billy and adam left.
    hopefully her superiors will fire her!!

  • Linda Morgan

    David Tom may be a good actor But he will never fill Billy Miller’s shoes as Billy Abbott. Jill Farren Phelps better go back and bump her head on the same door she bumped when she let Miler go.
    BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!!

  • Donna James

    I do not like this new or old “Billy Abbott”. Please bring back Billy Miller for this character!!! Also, where is Susan Stafford? When will she return?

  • Adora Potter Scott

    There was never any confirmed evidence, just a lot of gossip. I still consider people to be innocent until proven guilty by someone other than CBS/Sony & malicious rumors by their employees. Regardless, I don’t watch any more especially after the negative comments made about the viewers by some of the longtime actors.. Just a matter of time for the YR & BB!

  • Joanna

    PLEASE bring back BILLY MILLER he is the only guy who plays billy abbot the very best ! I have to be honest I have been watching Y&R since day one but when billy is on I DONT watch it He DOESNT do billys charector justice Jill is RUINING the show GET RID OF HER!!

  • Nerissa Hosein

    Simply put I think JFP is a huge ass!!!! Billy Miller is gold and DT is an epic fail as a wannabe replacement for a role that only MILLER made noticeable and priceless!!

    • nel


  • cheri

    I liked him the best for Bill.

  • Olivia Miller

    All I can said is he really to return ASAP

  • Zee

    Love Billy!!!bring him back, no one play that character better

  • mom chez

    Nine months later, this matter progresses…