Gia Allemand Suicide Death: Friends Blame Depression and Ryan Anderson Fight

Gia Allemand Suicide Death: Friends Blame Depression and Ryan Anderson Fight For Suicide

Gia Allemand‘s close friends and family are still reeling from Gia’s death, especially after it was revealed that it was caused by suicide. There is already speculation on what could have caused Gia to take such a drastic measure and end her life, but several of Gia’s friends have spoken out and stated that she had a history of depression in the past – of course they also implied that Gia’s failure to get Ryan Anderson to propose contributed to the tragic decision to take her own life.

Several of these friends spoke to the NY Post and one reportedly stated in reference to boyfriend Ryan, “I’m not that shocked, because of her ups and downs. She fell victim to her own perfection and they were having problems.”

Other friends stated that Gia had a history of drug abuse, explaining, “The first thing everyone thought was prescription drugs.” 

Almost all the reports being released about her death point to suicide, but we don’t know the full details of how Gia managed to attempt suicide or how she was in critical condition at the hospital for so long before her death. It’s unlikely we will find out, since Louisiana has strict laws that prevent autopsy results from being shared with anyone but family and close friends. Unless someone close to Gia leaks the results or speaks about them to the media, I don’t think we’ll ever find out what really happened.

Of course, someone close to Gia might decide to speak to the media, since there are already several anonymous ‘sources’ who have revealed details about her death and her depression before it. It’s sad that there are people so willing to capitalize on such a tragedy, but there’s life for you.

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