Ryan Anderson Guilty Tweet About Gia Allemand’s Suicide Death – He’s “Lost Without Her” After Breaking Gia’s Heart?

Ryan Anderson Tweets About Gia Allemand's Suicide Death - He's "Lost Without Her" After Breaking Gia's Heart?

When the reports initially came out last week that Gia Allemand‘s suicide might be due to a fight she had with her boyfriend, Ryan Anderson, most people wondered how Ryan was taking the news.

And the answer is: not well. Ryan tweeted earlier today, saying, “Every second of everyday, I miss you Petrie. I feel lost without you but find strength knowing that you are in Heaven. Rest in peace my love.”

The part that makes it all the more devastating is that Ryan was the one who found her hanging from the cord on her house, and he was the one who last saw her before he died. I’m sure he’s finding it difficult not to blame himself, but a suicide is often caused by more than one reason. There is usually other psychological issues plaguing the victim, and Gia probably had a lot of other problems going on – not just her reported fight with Ryan.

Gia’s mother has already ‘refuted’ all the reports and speculation surround the reasons for Gia’s death, although she personally hasn’t given her own reasons or speculations. I doubt she will, because the topic of Gia’s death will probably be too painful for her to delve into anytime in the near future.

Gia’s funeral was held last week, and a lot of her Bachelor co-stars came out in support. Ryan was there, and he was reportedly not able to hold back his tears.

In essence, everyone close to Gia is trying their best to deal with this tragedy, even if the answers are not really available. Her suicide note was reportedly not very clear, and that may actually be for the best – if it was clear in its blame, then Ryan might be feeling guilty for the rest for his life, which is a responsibility nobody should have to bear.

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