Gwyneth Paltrow Admits Starving Her Kids So They “Look Good” – Child Abuse?

Gwyneth Paltrow Admits Starving Her Kids So They "Look Good" - Child Abuse?

Does anyone actually like Gwyneth Paltrow out there?  Usually I’m just left thinking, “Wow, what a b*tch.” or simply feeling sorry for her husband, Chris Martin. He must be a real glutton for punishment to choose to spend his nights with this misery princess.  Some celebs just come across as so nice or at least pretty grounded. Gwyneth isn’t one of them. She’s better than all of us put together and we better recognize that. Okay rant over, because finally this dingbat has given me something serious to question.

Gwyneth’s new book, It’s All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes That Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great is coming under some serious scrutiny. She has been a slave to crazy, restrictive diets for years and now Gwyneth is admitting that her kids eat just as she does. That means no breads, pastas or anything with carbs. Not only that but she admits that her kids are left HUNGRY. She says, “Sometimes when my family is not eating bread, pasta or processed grains…we’re left with that specific hunger that comes from avoiding carbs.”

Here’s the thing, her kids need those carbs to keep going during the day! They contain glycogen which is what keeps your brain running throughout the day. Basically Gwyneth is denying her kids part of the basic nutrition that is needed in order to be healthy and to think clearly. She’s also suggesting that you and I do the same! There isn’t a nutritionist around that would suggest you deprive your growing kids of carbohydrates.  Should this book even be available to the public? It certainly isn’t promoting true family health.  It seems more like a platform for Gywneth’s special brand of crazy to be on full display instead of offering anything of real value. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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3 responses to “Gwyneth Paltrow Admits Starving Her Kids So They “Look Good” – Child Abuse?”

  1. […] to promote her new book because she admitted that her carb free diet that is enforced at home leaves her two children at times hungry. The backlash began almost instantly because kids need carbs in order for their brains to work […]

  2. If you read her cookbook the lines you quote are a preface to a chapter on grains. She does serve her children carbs, just no gluten due to allergies and intolerance issues. She has a whole section on recipes to please children. I am no huge GP fan but I can’t help but think that this article is misleading.

  3. disqus_iFekIFsGiT says:

    I absolutely agree with this article. All of my friends in the medical field were appalled by it. Celiec disease (problem with gluten) and things of the nature are VERY serious particularly in children. They must be addressed by a Dr., nutritionist, pediatrician etc. To dislike this woman as I and oh so many do being of her arrogance but dispensing her latest medical quackery and lack of important knowledge is irresponsible and she should be held liable. GO to medical professionals and buy this book if you want to look at the 30 or so pics of HERSELF she includes or her toast or boiled egg recipes. And I am not going to judge her but in my opinion the irresponsibility of this book and the outrageous quotes and her behavior of last two weeks must be absolutely beyond embarrassing to her children…can you imagine the teasing they must be getting re: her ego filled inappropriate remarks of late? Poor kids. And if you are looking for a cookbook buy a cook book, if you want to look as good as she thinks she does, get her plastic surgeon’s name – she has had many surgeries – it is not her healthy lifestyle, and if you want health advice see an expert.