Hart Of Dixie Season 2 Episode 12 “Islands in the Stream” Recap 01/22/13

Hart Of Dixie Season 2 Episode 12 “Islands in the Stream” Recap 01/22/13

Tonight on the CW’s HART OF DIXIE returns with a new episode called, “Islands in the Stream.”  On tonight’s show Lemon  discovers that Brick (Tim Matheson) has a secret girlfriend and is shocked when she finds out who it is.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it HERE for you!

On last week’s episode with Lavon  preoccupied with his personal life, he let his Mayoral duties slip at the worst time, as BlueBell’s Pioneer Day was fast approaching and a reporter from Southern Living magazine was in town. Seeing that he needed help, Zoe and Wade volunteered to help him out by playing BlueBell’s “Founding Couple.” Zoe was also trying a new tact when it came to her relationship with Wade, which had her taking on many new projects. Lemon and AnnaBeth devised a plan to get Lavon to let them cater the First Feast, in order to get some publicity for their new business. Meanwhile, George  gave advice to Brick  on how to handle his new relationship.

On tonight’s show when George’s (Scott Porter) parents come to visit, they are thrown when they meet his new girlfriend, Tansy (guest star Mircea Monroe), and George’s mother devises a plan that forces George and Zoe (Rachel Bilson) to address their feelings for one another. Lemon (Jaime King) discovers that Brick (Tim Matheson) has a secret girlfriend and is shocked when she finds out who it is. Meanwhile, Annabeth (guest star Kaitlyn Black) is smitten with a charming British visitor to the town, but Lavon (Cress Williams) grows suspicious of him and is determined to uncover his real identity. Wilson Bethel also stars. Joe Lazarov directed the episode written by Donald Todd.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Hart of Dixie Season 2, so far!  Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Wade’s unpacking a box of cured sausage based on the message Zoe left him – except she wanted a French foreign film that only sounded like cured sausage… She wants him to go to the foreign film with her and he wants to know why he’s being punished. She said he took her to the car race with the bad drivers – a demolition derby (too fun!). They leave to enjoy something they know they have in common – being naked.

Lavon comes in and sees the giant stack of sausages on his counter and asks himself – now what?

Lemons runs into AnnaBeth and Crickett – literally – because she’s mad that her father stood her up for breakfast. Then they run into a handsome guy with a fabulous British accent. He charms them and walks away and AB reveals to Crickett that she’s always wanted to meet a handsome British man like out of a Jane Austen novel. Crickett says that won’t happen in Bluebell and walks away.

Brick and Shelby are hooking up on his examination room and then make plans for their tryst that night. Bricks tells her he doesn’t want to sneak around anymore – he wants to tell Lemon and Magnolia about her. Shelby tells them that Lemon will be fine – that she’s not a fragile nut job. Lemon comes in yelling that her Daddy stood her up.

Lemon wants to know why Shelby is there and she covers saying she’s the new receptionist. Lemon whispers to her Dad about why she hired her – says listening to a nitwit like her all day will drive him insane.

George is relaxing on top of his houseboat when his parents sneak up on him – startling him. They went by his apartment and were shocked to find Lemon in his apartment. They are disturbed because he lives on a boat – they think he’s homeless. Then Tansy comes out wrapped in a towel and gives them another shock. They ask if she came with the boat and he says no, she has her own trailer. His parents remark that they both live in houses that move. She tells them she also cuts hair there. They are not pleased.

Shelby’s making jewelry sitting at the reception desk when Brick comes back. They decide that she needs to get Lemon to love her before they tell her they’re dating. Then the phone rings and Brick looks at her expectantly. He says it’s her fault for telling Lemon she’s the new receptionist.

On the way to dinner, George’s mom asks Tansy if she’s pregnant. She wants to know how they met – if it was a computer error at a dating service. They run into Zoe and Wade out on a date. They are all going to see a foreign film. Tansy and Wade are not happy about it, but Zoe and George seem enthused. His Mom tells them that there’s a theater they passed showing Hangover 4 and Wade and Tansy perk up, but then they know they have to suffer through the foreign film. Wade says it’s not being a couple unless one of you is suffering.

At the Rammer Jammer, Lavon wants to know who AB is talking to. Lavon says he thinks he met him somewhere before. Apparently the British dude is well traveled. Lavon can’t figure out where they’ve met.

Walking out of the movie, George and Zoe are chatting companionably about the film. Tansy and Wade hated it. His Mom listens to them chat and decides they need to be together. She says Lemon was bad, but Tansy is worse. He tells her that George likes Tansy and should leave them alone. But she’s fixated on Zoe and says she’s the one who can get him out of Bluebell for good, living the life he should be. She’s determined to meddle.

Zoe tells Wade that she agreed to a double dinner date with Tansy and George. He wants to know when she agreed to it and she said it was when he was goofing around with Tansy. Tansy is equally uninterested. She said she doesn’t want to hang out with her ex-husband and she says Zoe isn’t fun and he isn’t fun when he’s with her. George says he’ll tell Zoe she said no and she refuses to take the blame. Wade tells Zoe the same thing.

Lavon is rifling through old yearbooks looking for Oliver – the Brit – he yells ‘found you’ and rushes out. Zoe and Wade stop their debate long enough to watch him go. Zoe says it’s like Lavon is in his own little world.

Magnolia texts Lemon to come home and she holds up a sexy bra. Lemon says no, she can’t wear it and Magnolia tells her she found it in the couch. Lemon concludes their Dad is seeing someone.

George goes to the doctor’s office and he and Zoe both make flimsy excuses to break their dinner double date.

At the butter stick, AB is gushing on and on about Oliver and Lemon is listening, but distracted and antsy. Lemon tells her that her Dad has a lover. AB says it’s great and there must be a reason Brick may not want her to know for some reason. Lemon said she can’t let a gold digging floozy get her claws into her Dad.

And then Shelby walks up offering Lemon a puff pastry. Lemon introduces Shelby as Brick’s receptionist. Shelby says that since they are both in Brick’s life they should get to know each other better over dinner. AB warns her – run. Lemon says that her Dad has always treated staff like family and that makes them like sisters – she says they should be good sisters and figure out what trollop her Dad is sleeping with. AB says to Shelby – told ya.

Oliver is looking at flowers and Lavon comes up. He introduces himself. Lavon says they met a few years ago and he knows Oliver is a catfish eating Southerner. Lavon tells him to drop the fake accent and tell him what he’s trying to pull. Oliver tells him he can’t help it and he’s not trying to pull anything.

Wade and Zoe are in a nice restaurant out of town and he’s complaining about the prices. She says she wanted to go out of town so they didn’t return into George and Tansy and then there they are. Zoe and George both rush to make excuses, but it’s just plain awkward.

Zoe and Wade offer to leave. Then they discuss eating together and then Tansy pretends they’re in a fight so they won’t sit with them. They sit nearby though and it’s still weird.

At the Rammer Jammer, Oliver is explaining to Lavon that he has Foreign Accent Syndrome. Lavon doesn’t believe it but he insists it’s real. He says he hit his head on his boat and since then has terrible migraines, but also the English accent. It can be treated with migraine drugs, but he won’t take them because his life has improved vastly with the accent. He insists that he has lived in Rome and Paris (Georgia and Texas).

Lavon says it’s not fair and that he can hurt people by not telling the truth. Aww. Lavon is trying to protect AB from getting hurt. He asks Oliver if there’s someone in particular and he says yes – Lavon says as mayor, he has to insist that he tell her the truth.

BTWs, it is a real condition FAS – foreign accent syndrome. It is very rare – only 60 cases since 1941. And you don’t get the foreign vocabulary or syntax – just the accent. And it’s after serious brain injury. Weird, huh?

Brick asks Shelby how it went with Lemon. She says Lemon loves her, but hates the slut he’s sleeping with. She tells him that she’s having dinner with Lemon. He tells her to cancel – says to tell Lemon she’s working late. Shelby gets excited, thinking they’re going to still have their tryst. But he hands her a stack of filing and asks her to actually work – says they haven’t had a receptionist in so long that work is piling up.

At the restaurant, Wade and Zoe discuss how awkward it is eating 10 feet away from George and Tansy. Tansy continues their fake argument and he asks her to stop. George gets a text from his Mom saying she’s looking for Zoe because his Dad is having chest pains – at her boat. Zoe gets the same text and they rush out after hasty good-bye kisses, leaving Tansy and Wade at the restaurant alone.

Lemon comes into the office – she brought dinner to share with Shelby. Lemon wants to go through her Dad’s stuff to find out who the woman is. Uh-oh.

At the boat, George’s Mom tells them that his Dad is laying down, not feeling good. They go to check on him, but he’s not there. His Mom cranks the boat and drives them away from the dock. George asks her if she tricked them into coming and she says they belong together and until they decide to be a couple or give her a damned good reason why not, she’s not taking them back!

George warns his Mom that she’s going to flood the engine, but she keeps on and of course, it does flood. Did she do it on purpose?

George says it will take hours to dry out and his Mom is content to wait with them. His Mom demands to know why they’re not together. George defers to Zoe who lets it rip. She tells his Mom that when he was with Lemon, she wanted him, but then had sex with Wade at his wedding and yada yada yada. She lets it all roll out while his Mom listens, fascinated.

AB is chatting up Oliver and he tells her the truth about his FAS and migraines. She encourages him to see Brick to try to get it treated. He warns she won’t like him as much without it and she says that’s not true.

Tansy and Wade are in full throttle arguing about why Zoe and George bailed on their dates. Wade gets a text explaining that George’s Mom kidnapped them and they’ll be back soon. Tansy blows up and says his Mom did it because she thinks she’s not good enough for her son. Wade tells her to chill out but she won’t. She drags him off to force them back into the equation.

Lemon tells Shelby her Dad is seeing a strumpet. Shelby asks how she knows and she says she found a racy bra. They’re at Brick’s office chatting when the phone rings. Shelby takes the call and takes a message for Brick. It’s AB and Lemon gets it in her head that it’s a sign that she’s the one her Dad has been seeing since she called the office so late.

George’s Mom is giving Zoe the third degree and it turns into a trial of sorts. She says if George had dumped Lemon one day earlier, they’d be together. Zoe insists it’s fate and timing and his Mom says that Zoe is a woman of science, so she can’t believe that there are forces like that at work in her life. His Mom agrees to relent if they’ll admit they have feelings for each other. Frustrated, George admits it, just in time for Wade and Tansy to hear it and they’re not happy – can’t say I blame them!

George is flummoxed that Tansy is there and Wade said they got there by canoe. Zoe and George defend themselves and blame his Mom for lawyering them. Tansy tells George she wants to break up. Zoe tries to stop her – she says Tansy and Wade were married and they must have feelings for each other still. Wade says that’s a bad example.

Tansy yells at Wade and tells him he has no future as Mr. Dr. Zoe being a bartending house husband. Tansy tells Wade that Zoe’s going to get tired of playing Sweet Home Alabama with him and go back to New York.

Brick injected anti-migraine medicine into Oliver and they’re waiting to see if his headache and accent are cured. AnnaBeth hugs Brick gratefully and Lemon walks in then – just in time. Lemon blows up and accuses him of sleeping with a woman half his age and her best friend to boot. They realize she thinks it’s AnnaBeth. Brick admits it’s Shelby. Lemon says no – she’s not happy at all.

Lemon apologizes to AB, gives Brick Shelby’s bra to return and leaves, flustered.

Well, Oliver’s headache is gone and so is the charming British accent. In fact, it’s quite Southern. And, of course, AB is not loving the new him. Aww. Poor guy.

George apologizes to Tansy and tells her there’s a chance he may always have a connection with Zoe. But he tells her they could be together (he and Zoe) but they’re not. He tells her he wants to be with her and she makes him happy. He says if he’s never with Zoe that’s completely fine. Zoe overhears and said she’s fine with it too. She tells them both that shocking as it may sound, she’s really happy with Wade and doesn’t need to be with George. Wade yells from inside – I can hear you.

Zoe says that she and George seem to be different planets in different orbits. Tansy says that Wade is definitely another planet and he yells again from inside the boat that he can still hear them.

George goes to break the bad news to his mother. Zoe yells back into Wade and asks if they’re okay and he says yep. He’s pretty low maintenance – and hot. Gotta love Wade. Sweet home Alabama indeed – yum!

Next morning, everyone leaves the houseboat. George’s Dad teases her Mom – when’s the wedding and she tells him to shut up.

Lavon comes to chat with AB about Oliver. She tells him Oliver left town because he saw she was disappointed with his real voice. She gets upset and tells Lavon that she’s a terrible person and shallow. Lavon tells her that’s not true and tells her she’s better off not having to learn English pronunciations – he throws out some Brit words including Quidditch. I think Lavon is crushing on AB. Good for them. They sit down to coffee together.

At Brick’s office, Lemon shows up to have lunch with Brick and Shelby. She apologizes to both of them for being a pill. Shelby apologizes to Lemon once Brick leaves for deceiving her about dating her Dad and Lemon tells her she’s going to figure out her game, shut her down and get her back to where she came from. Snap!

Wade asks Wally how much bartenders in New York make and he tells him more than they do in Bluebell. But he tells him he won’t be able to afford to live in New York – that he’ll have to live in Jersey. Wade looks thoughtful. Zoe comes in and he asks her to have dinner. She goes to grab them the last table just as George and Tansy are about to grab it. Tansy says they’re all in the same boat, so they may was well row in the same direction since it’s a small town. They agree to have dinner together, but when Zoe suggests they all go to Birmingham to see a play, Wade and Tansy shut it down. Good for them!

And that’s it Bluebell fans – until next Tuesday!