Henry Cavill And Kaley Cuoco First Photos Together On A Hike – Did They Call The Paparazzi?

Henry Cavill And Kaley Cuoco First Photos Together On A Hike – Did They Call The Paparazzi?

We have been calling this a PR showmance since the relationship was first ‘announced’ via US Weekly and then later confirmed by People. We just couldn’t fathom how Henry Cavill went from still dating Gina Carano at the beginning of May to breaking up with her and then dating Kaley Cuoco by the end of June, especially when he was on a massive international publicity tour for most of that time. Of course, just two days after the news of them dating hit the web, Henry and Kaley have now been conveniently papped together on a hike – and who got the exclusive pictures? People Magazine.

It reeks of a PR set up, and it’s pretty obvious that the paparazzi were called to capture ‘candids’ of Henry and Kaley on the hike. Either that, or Henry and Kaley’s publicists are working overtime. I mean, I get it – Henry worked for ten years to get where he is now, and he’s following every PR ploy in the playbook to stay on the A-list. The thing is – he doesn’t need to! He’s good looking and hard working, and a decent actor. All of his musings on privacy and maintaining boundaries just comes off so hollow now, and he’s pretty much sold his soul to the devil Hollywood.

This whole thing actually bring a huge sense of déjà vu – does anyone remember when Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt first started dating? Brad was a movie star that had just hit the big time and Jennifer Aniston was still a ‘TV’ star that was a hit TV show. Henry’s just made it big with Man of Steel, and Kaley’s the star of The Big Bang Theory. There’s a lot of similarities, and there’s no doubt that no matter what anyone felt about them, Brad Pitt’s relationship to Jennifer Aniston raised both of their public profiles. So maybe Henry’s PR knows they’re doing.

What do you guys think? Does this whole thing reek of a showmance, or is everyone overreacting? Maybe the paparazzi just happened to be stalking Kaley after the news of her relationship with Henry broke, and they got lucky with the picture. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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  • carrie

    Brad Pitt yet was very famous when he started to date Jennifer Aniston who was very famous (herself) in a cult hit tv show
    Whatever Cavill-Cuoco love story looks so fake,it’s weird because Viewpoint (their RP agency) is famous for his low-key and private clients(Damon,Craig,Bale,Foster…) and why to fake a new love story?

    • devamma

      viewpoint also reps tom cruise – and we know how ‘real’ his relationships are.

      • carrie

        TC’s publicist is Amanda Lundberg of 42West since 2010 (she never worked for Viewpoint),she worked for PMK and before Cruise was with Pat Kingley,his sister or Paul Bloch
        ViewPoint is Jennifer Allen and Melissa Kates’s RP agency
        Tom Cruise never worked with ViewPoint

        • devamma

          sorry, meant repped in the past. not anymore.

  • Kathryn Eblin

    That’s a hike? Around here we call it a walk and even that’s a stretch considering what they are wearing.

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