Gina Carano Furious Over Henry Cavill Dating Kaley Cuoco – Jilted Star Cries Foul!

Gina Carano Furious Over Henry Cavill Dating Kaley Cuoco - Cries Foul!

People Magazine has confirmed that Henry Cavill is dating Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco. That noise you just heard is the sound of a million fangirls screaming in heartbreak.

Look, this whole Henry Cavill/Kaley Cuoco thing seems like a publicist set-up to me. Let’s look at the timeline. Henry and his ex-girlfriend Gina Carano were spotted at the Fast and Furious 6 London premiere at the beginning of May, and then supposedly broke up right after that. Henry’s schedule has been ridiculously busy since then, with the worldwide promotional tour for Man of Steel kicking into high gear right after. When on earth would he have time to meet and start dating another woman during these [not even] two months?

And what happened to Henry’s speeches about protecting his privacy and not letting his private life getting mixed up in his professional life? When People confirms your relationship, that means the publicists have spoken, and publicists don’t talk without permission from their clients.

And Kaley’s not exactly a famewhore either. She’s a household name in her own right, and she kept her nearly two year relationship with Johnny Galecki under the spotlight, and people didn’t even find out until they were over.

Anyway, Kaley and Henry were spotted ‘kissing’ by an Instagram user at a Beverly Hills hotel this past weekend, so they are clearly actually together. I’m sure they’re having fun, especially because Kaley’s got a fantastic sense of humor and Henry is… very hot. But even though they are actually dating [which people still refuse to believe – PEOPLE CONFIRMED IT], it’s pretty obvious that the relationship was set up through their publicists. Both Kaley and Henry are repped by the same PR company, Viewpoint. Henry and Kaley are currently the two highest-ranked stars on IMDB under Viewpoint. Put two and two together – and voila!

But even then, how is Gina Carano handling the news, especially when it looks like Henry pretty much started dating Kaley right after they broke up? I’m calling Henry out as one of those ‘serial daters’ because I don’t think there’s ever been a significant amount of time where he’s been single for the past few years. After he broke up with Ellen Whitaker, he was rumored to have begun dating Gina Carano within the next month. And now he breaks up with Gina, and starts dating Kaley almost immediately?

There’s also the fact that Kaley looks crazy similar to Ellen. A lot of fans have called Kaley ‘the hotter version’ of Ellen, so it certainly seems like Henry has a type. Either way, Gina’s probably not very happy with the news, especially because it may affect her shot at Wonder Woman.

What do you  guys think? Do you think Kaley and Henry met through their publicists and PR company? Or do you think they just met at a party and things went from there? Let us know in the comments.

Gina Carano Furious Over Henry Cavill Dating Kaley Cuoco - Jilted Star Cries Foul!

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  • michelle lee

    I bet Gina was the one that dumped him. He can keep this thing about him and kaley a secret but no he wants the world to know because he wants to hurt Gina deliberately….

  • ArvenUndomiel

    >Kaley and Henry were spotted ‘kissing’ by an Instagram user
    That instagram user lied. Other instagram users said there was “no girlfriend.”

    >When People confirms your relationship, that means the publicists have spoken
    People magazine copyed what US magazine wrote, word-by-word.

    • devamma

      You good sir, do not understand how Hollywood works. People Magazine never posts this kind of thing without permission from the stars reps or publicists. Also, if the rumors weren’t true, Kaley or Henry’s reps would have spoken up by now and they havent. Get over it.

  • Eli

    Why you believe gossips????? Someone saw them in the same GROUP and that someone started with this (now huge) gossip. Every day is the same, and every day people believe stories. They have met, maybe they had chemestry, that’s all. That is not PR, that’s people who win money creating new stories and actors are fed up with gossips… He is not creating this, it’s so weird you believe in gossips mags/forums; he NEVER talk about his relationships and when he is asked he is very cautious. Fans know he is single because he starts going out alone. We knew he was single after Ellen because he started to go out alone and then he met Gina; the same was after Gina, fans knew they broke up because he started to be alone. Why should I think bad about him and not about Gina or Ellen? They are young and not married, that’s all.

    BTW… if instagram is the source, where is the pic?

    If it is true we just have to wait ;-)

  • Angel 2009

    Really don’t understand what the fuss is about – PR’s love to make drama for promotion of their clients. It’s Hollywood people! A fantasy land of money, press & never ending fame whoring!

    • carrie

      But Kaley is a downgrade (a nice dull blond tv actress):they’re the most surprising new couple

      • Angel 2009

        Have you ever met Ms.Cuoko or Henry Cavill and had a long heart to heart discussion about their love life? . . . Yeah, didn’t think so. And you clearly didn’t comprehend the point of my original post.

        • carrie

          i understood your point of view but here if it’s a RP stunt ,it’s idiot because even Cavill’s most fans don’t believe on the reality of the new love story .That looks like so much Tom Cruise ‘s love story debacle: who can say “He allegedly has always wanted to date Kaley. A source close to Superman says, “He’s excited to be dating her!” seriously?

          • Angel 2009

            Ugh! No, obviously you don’t get it – go on with your rant if it makes you happy. It’s not like any of these people give a damn about what you think. All of this speculation is crazy.

          • carrie

            What rant? Go on his IMDB message board and you’ll see i’m not the one to be dubious on his new love story

  • carrie

    Maybe he’s a serial dater and Kaley said to her publicist that she would like to meet him because he’s hot and when they met together,it worked!

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  • Evelyn B

    He is a handsome young thang, that all the dolly’s wanna play wif.. he’s talented but rt now he’s the flava of da month.. taaaasty, and hope Kaley is bitin off a piece o dat when ever she can..

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  • fanfan

    I don’t know Gina and I don’t know who broke up, but I know -ok, I don’t know him either- that Henry is a nice guy, it’s impossible that he could be a jerk or a playboy or the kind of person who likes PR. I think it just did not work…

    (Puerto Rico? Are you suuuree??)
    (Hapily, they did not get married in Vegas :D )
    (Are there some pieces??)

    • Xime

      Hi :o)

      Yes, he was in P.Rico. I ‘met’ a girl (via twitter) that works in the hotel were he stayed, as the crew of Gina’s movie. Then, I saw pics of him with fans.
      I’m sure they’ve tried, but sometimes things don’t work…
      I also think he’s not a jerk.

      Have a nice week

      • fanfan

        you too :)
        Oh, if someday you find some pics of him in porto rico, it would be great…

  • fanfan

    the link does not work anymore, but thanks you very much!!

    I can’t believe it…

    What were they doing here??