Ian Somerhalder Cheating On Nina Dobrev? – Sexy New Orleans Weekend Trip

Ian Somerhalder Cheating On Nina Dobrev – Sexy New Orleans Weekend Trip

As far as TV stars and sex gods go, Ian Somerhalder is pretty eco friendly. Sure, he’s working in an industry that probably doesn’t always recycle the lights used on set—and do we really need to spend all that electricity for entertainment’s sake?—but Ian and his foundation seem to have made peace with Hollywood, if only because of the huge platform it gives their cause. Ian had a break from filiming this weekend, so he jetted from Atlanta down to New Orleans, where he attended a conference on climate chage. The actor loves keeping Twitter fans informed, and his top two girls were right alongside him in the twitterverse—and in real life!

Foundation employees Kim Klinger and Jessica Ramsey enjoyed a flirty, busy weekend with the sexy part-vampire part-billionaire executive (I will shave my head if he doesn’t get Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. Well, no I won’t).  The young blonde women seem to have had Ian all to themselves—girlfriend Nina Dobrev was nowhere in sight! Now, we’ve previously wondered if Ian and Nina may be headed into rough waters, as he seems so passionate about his green work, while Nina (based on her tweets, at least) is really more concerned about how to style bangs and exclusive Hollywood parties. Not to say she doesn’t seem quite nice, but relationships without a common goal are hard!

I’m starting to wonder if Ian has faked his public relationship with Nina for the sake of his environmental foundation and career. He may care about her—she may even be in on it—but the two don’t seem to spend a lot of time together outside of work. Then again, they could be genuinely busy with work stuff, and maybe Nina doesn’t tweet about green charities because her PR maven warned her about getting into politics. It’s impossible to say from the outside! Do you think Ian would ever cheat on Nina with one of the driven women at his foundation, or will he keep the path and let out sexual frustration while filming Fifty Shades of Grey?

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  • the women from his foundation are both MRRIED you sick people !!! and Ian and Nina spend everyday together because the LIVE together !! stop spreading fake rumours DAMN IT !!

  • sade

    Why ian is not a bad man so shut up dinrode

  • this article is dumb

  • Once again you people do not do any research or gather any facts before you write this crap. Both Kim and Jessica are happily married! Ian officiated at Jessica’s wedding last fall (and Nina was with him)! Nina is one of Ian’s biggest supporters with ISF and has attended ISF functions with him on numerous occasions. Maybe you should get your crap together before you print something!

  • Aleisha1988

    Someone should be able to sue your ass for accusations without proof. Both are married women, and Kim who doesn’t even live in the same country, has 2 kids that would no doubt stumble across this rot. There is too much of this nonsense on the net in the form of people saying whatever the hell they want, just to gain attention or ‘hits’. Normally the PR fake comment comes from bitter, deluded Stelena/Dobsley shippers or Ian fangirls, that will one day marry him themselves. What’s your pathetic angle?

  • sj

    ‘It’s impossible to say from the outside!’ Then what is the point of this article? Shut the hell up.

  • Vikki

    You stupid freaks?Shame you!

  • wishing

    This article points out the obvious for many people. That Ian and Nina have nothing in common besides work and they spend time together when it´s work related. I don´t know why people think that they live together, because they are not living together. For fans it`s ok them not talking about their “relationship” because if they did and could be honest the Nian thing will be over. So the wait until the show is over and then bye bye this relationship.

    • Jordyn

      Are you this article’s writer? Because it seems as if you’re operating on the same ignorant logic. “Ian and Nina have nothing in common besides work and they spend time together when it’s work related” First of all have you seen their cute cats? lol &Just google Nina and Ian, with Coachella or Paris or Santa Monica or Christmas or fuckin Lakers in order to see the degree of your ignorance :) Just because you only see them together during work-related events doesn’t mean that that’s the only time they’re together, but it’s cute that you think that. In case you didn’t know, it’s not customary for couples to update the public whenever they spend personal time together.

  • You’re an idiot! -.- and this “article” is despicable!!!

  • jess

    the women from his foundation are both married, shame!!!

  • elis

    After the what it was written? For a cheap sensation? … Why insult .. women who work with Ian? And the Ian? . Shame …

  • Georgia_Peach

    Seriously? This is the best you can do for an article regarding Ian and Nina? You guys have serious journalism issues. To answer the question…. Would Ian ever cheat on Nina with one of the driven women at this foundation? The answer is NO! They are both married and Ian officiated Jessica’s wedding, which Nina also attended. Ian and Nina have no issues, they are doing just fine together.

  • ff

    What [expletive] head made this shit?

  • ian would never cheat on nina dobrev he loves her to bits get a life and leave him alone

  • Mia

    WTF did I just read??

  • LOlita

    Nina concerned about her bangs?? Are you talking about a month-ago- issue?? go to hell, stupid morons! oh and by the way, Ian and Nina have A LOT in common! they both love yoga and kinds of sports and they always spend their holiday together (Christams for instance)! She’s also participating in one of his upcoming ISF projects!! DAMN!