Ian Somerhalder Bitter Over Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Role Snub: Suggests Jim Carrey For Christian Grey Role (VIDEO)

Ian Somerhalder Bitter Over Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Role Snub: Suggests Jim Carrey For Christian Grey Role (VIDEO)

Everyone was super stoked to learn Ian Somerhalder was in the running to land one of the most sought after roles in Hollywood. In Ian’s mind, his dues are paid, and he’s perfect for the part. Playing Christian Grey, in the upcoming movie Fifty Shades of Grey would have landed him on Hollywood’s ‘It’ list with Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum. E.L. James, author of the groundbreaking sex smothered erotic novel, and dream crusher, was at San Diego’s Comic-Con telling people Somerhalder, was not up for the part. Damon Salvatore fans wept.

X17video shared footage (see below) of Mr. Somerhalder arriving at LAX after reportedly getting ruled out for the role of Christian Grey in “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Apparently he has no idea who will land the role because when questioned, he responds “I don’t know, you tell me.” Later the Vampire Diaries hottie snidely remarks that the role should go to “Jim Carrey.

Everyone knows Ian was desperate for the part, and very public about expressing his desire to be Christian Grey. Do you smell a bitter fragrance in the air? Or, is The Vampire Diaries star just aggravated at all the paparazzi flocking to his bruised ego. Ian Somerhalder is obviously very attractive, and super talented, but it’s a dirty game in Hollywood. You have to kiss the right ass, or have the right Dad like Charlie Sheen. It’s cold blooded to leave the rising star in the D-League, but hopefully something better is headed Somerhalder’s way. Wonder if Ian is willing to ‘play’ another bisexual character?

Sneer up all you want, but Jim Carrey is extremely gifted, and Tinseltown’s makeup can work wonders. Have you seen Ellen Degeneres without makeup? Nina Dobrev doesn’t even care. She was Instagram hamming from Selena Gomez’s birthday party. In a town where designer sunglasses are worn during church, and with everybody wanting to be somebody, sadly, Ian Somerhalder is not ‘The One’, but ‘One Of’.

  • HollywoodHiccups

    I am so surprised he is not getting the part, he would be perfect!

  • allie

    Suggesting Jim Carrey is LOL-worthy

  • Kitty ?

    that’s why I don’t like Ian Somerhalder. the way he’s acting is very childish, & it honestly makes him look like a jerk. he should of responded like, “well, whoever gets the role I hope have a great time filming” or “whoever plays Christian will have a hell of a lot of fun” something like that. & the fact that he mentioned Jim Carrey in that way made him look even more of a jerk. Jim Carrey is an incredible actor, mind you. I’m just glad that the role of Christian won’t be going to Ian. give the role to someone better, like Matt Bomer or Henry Cavill.

  • A_carter

    Jim Carrey should get the role? Ian is definitely acting bitter and childish. I never liked him for the part anyway! They need to get their hands on Henry Cavill. He’s always been very professional and polite when it comes to speaking about this film and he is a great actor on the rise!

  • Clara Tezolin

    Ian love you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A_carter

    I said he was acting bitter, not impolite.

  • isha

    shut up …Ian is the perfect Grey..that’s all..if Ian doesn’t Jim Carey stars in it..then only’d I watch it