Ian Somerhalder And Nina Dobrev Back Together In Secret – The Vampire Diaries Cast and Friends Keep It Quiet?

Ian Somerhalder And Nina Dobrev Back Together In Secret - The Vampire Diaries Cast and Friends Keep It Quiet?

Are Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev finally getting back together? They’ve stayed out of the spotlight for several months now, but the duo is rumored to be getting back together after breaking up a couple of months ago.

However, despite the rumors, Ian and Nina are both being careful not to give away anything on Twitter. Ian tweeted, “Wow, just off conference call for a company I’m starting—sustainable, sexy & totally on the way. So in LOVE w/ synergy created by the like minded (sic).” The same night, Nina tweeted, “I don’t want the summer to ever end! Although.. With fall comes boots.. And scarves .. And jackets (sic).” 

Well, whatever their relationship status is, they’re being careful not to tweet about it. All their tweets have been focused on their work life or careers, without nary a tweet about their love life. Several reports have already come out about Nina and Ian supposedly starting to date other people, but so far, we haven’t gotten any proof of that.

However, if Nina and Ian are back together, they’re being protected by their cast and crew. No pictures or details have leaked from the Vampire Diaries set in Atlanta, and nobody’s been speaking about Nina and Ian’s relationship in public interviews. And Nina and Ian are keeping to themselves, and their tweets have been staying off topic. They don’t hint at anything anymore, and it’s become strictly business.

Good for them, right? The fact that they’re two of the hottest young Hollywood actors but don’t famewhore says a lot about them. But based on everything available right now, I would say that Nina and Ian are either not back together or they are doing a very, very thorough job at keeping it away from the media.

Ian Somerhalder And Nina Dobrev Back Together In Secret - The Vampire Diaries Cast and Friends Keep It Quiet?

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    I know it there are all ways still warring each others stuff

  • melinda

    when did you saw them at parish&foods for the last time?
    I trust on you, I just want to know if has been a while since the last time =D
    thanks for sharing this with us

  • isha

    LOLOL…Hit the nail rt on the head..Stranger people had lived in this world than these peolple

  • isha

    There are people here who know every minute detail about them…your reporting is very very far behind..Sorry

  • Sara

    Derek and Nina were together for 6 weeks at the weekend, They are not just friends. It is exactly. On Saturday they were in Idaho..last weekend he was in Atlanta . And they are a beautiful couple :) nian does not exist for a long time . Do not believe those who is lying to you. Elein is lying.

  • Maria

    Sorry ,but Nina not need Ian . You will understand it. Soon. She is happy,but without the Ian.

  • melinda

    People are crazy!! don’t care about them!!
    Just tell us (the normal fans haha) if you know someone who can tell us about their actual situation!
    thanks for share this with us

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  • Brian

    Wrong LOL.

  • Susanna Lung

    why r there so many nina haters here?!?! all the rumors that she paid the PR is total bs!!! nina is pretty, funny, nice, caring. n nina dobrev is responsible for the perfected portrayals of THREE different characters with COMPLETELY different personalities on Vampire Diaries rite now…i think that is more than enough to confirm the fact that nina dobrev is a great actress.