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  • isha

    Hello guys,Ian has ended that chapter of his life..he has a lot of different priorities,his idea of life&good company is among friends,guys&girls,women alike who share common things with him,like spending time working for environment&the world, He is doing that when he is not filming/working to earn a living..he is a down to earth simple guy,who doesn’t have a lot of hollywood stars in his eyes..He loves his ambitious ISF projects,and for your info most people on his sets don’t share his passion for the projects he’s working on..and maybe the *stars* find him boring for doing such down to earth stuff instead of dedicating himself to stardom&fame.

    My suggestion,stop mentioning Ian about his relationship with his cast members,start talking about what he believes in u might do something good for the world..You guys should take his example..And mentioning about people’s very old tweets is useless, because more than you know we follow their tweets&know more about them,with respect to tweets&therefore we find this topic boring,the lady you mentioned has moved on tired of taking pretty pictures with Ian,now there might be another guy,search her pics with with other people&leave Ian out of her articles please..Let the past remain there,those pretty pics don’t make any sense,people who have couple fairy tale dreams only are hanging on to that,Not Ian’s real fans..his fans want his ISF to grow&his dreams to come true,TVD/hollywood is not his dream,it’s his job,livelihood..Mind you!