Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Break Up Coming: Couple Fight In New Orleans

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Break Up Coming: Couple Fight In New Orleans

We’ve said it before: Vampire Diaries costars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder work hard at their relationship. When they aren’t on set, they’re often on opposite sides of the country doing promotional work, and that puts a lot of strain on a relationship! They were just crowned Hollywood royalty, and are top fan picks for the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie. But is life in the spotlight putting too much pressure on their relationship? The couple spent Saturday afternoon in a bitter fight, but we think their relationship will be just fine!

Nina and Ian took Saturday off to head from their set in Atlanta to New Orleans to participate in the Seventh Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl, held by DirectTV. Nina is on the white team with super hot stars Matt Bomer, Josh Hutcherson, and Chase Crawford, while her vampire sire Ian donned blue jerseys with Neil Patrick Harris and Katherine McPhee. The game is casual—but who doesn’t like winning?—and Nina tweeted, “Hey, Blue Team: do you know what sand tastes like? You’re about to find out! :P”

Ian hasn’t responded to her flirty threat, but is excited for the work break. Yesterday, he tweeted, “Wrapped! New Orleans get ready… Here I come” Though Ian plays super-strong vampire Damon, while Elena always needs saving, we expect real life will be quite different. Nina is a sports junkie, former gymnast, and grew up under the tutelage of a big brother. Don’t underestimate her! Of course, it won’t hurt that each team gets NFL professional players!

It’s rare to see a couple as down to earth as Ian and Nina, and we love how flirty she is on Twitter! It seems to me that the age of high-strung, inaccessible celebrity snobs is ending! They’re all on Twitter, greeting fans, being human, and sharing their lives. Do you like Ian and Nina as a couple? Would you like them on-screen in Fifty Shades?

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