Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Christmas China Vacation (Photos)

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Christmas China Vacation (Photos)

We thought the real-life relationship between Vampire Diaries costars Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev was on the rocks a few weeks ago, when Nina was sick at home, abandoned by Ian. But the two spent Christmas together with her family, frequently tweeting gorgeous pictures of the surrounding snowy mountains. Now that the holiday is over, they’ve decided on a less-traditional winter vacation: the couple is headed to China! The couple were caught by paparazzi earlier this morning at LAX, heading for a direct flight to Shanghai.

Ian was sad to leave the natural beauty of the mountains and tweeted, “Bye bye beautiful mountains… I will miss you,” while Nina was ecstatic, sharing, “And I’m at it again… Packing – but this time for CHINA! Leave in the morning and connect a bunch of times. It’s going to be a lot of travel but its so worth it – I’m so excited !!! Can’t wait! My first time to Asia!” After boarding, Nina tweeted, “Taking off- direct flight to shanghai!!!!!!!!!!!!”

But in typical Nina-Ian fashion, neither mentioned that it was a couple’s escape! Nina has been especially coy about her relationship with Ian, which was only just made official this fall. And while Ian hasn’t mentioned the trip to China specifically, he has been retweeting Nina more often. It hurts to know he’s seeing other women, but what’s more thrilling for Vampire Diaries viewers than an authentic off screen romance?

There’s no word yet on what takes them to Shanghai. It could be an innocent vacation, or maybe Ian is looking to expand his philanthropical, environmental work internationally? Nina is his number one supporter when it comes to conservation and animal work by his organization, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, so it makes sense he’d want to use work as an excuse for a little romantic getaway! But the real question here is: when will Vampire Diaires filming start back up? We previously reported that new episodes won’t be shown until January 17, 2013, and the wait is murder! Time for Nina and Ian to stop lollygagging and get back to work!

‘The Vampire Diaries’ stars and couple Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder departing on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California on December 26, 2012.