Ian Somerhalder Jealous Of Nina Dobrev Hanging Out With Derek Hough Over Christmas (VIDEO)

Ian Somerhalder Jealous Of Nina Dobrev Hanging Out With Derek Hough Over Christmas (VIDEO)

Nina Dobrev has been spending time with ex-boyfriend Derek Hough over the Christmas holidays, which obviously means they’re on good terms. They kinda have to be, considering Nina’s best friends with Derek’s sister, Julianne Hough. However, that does lead us to wonder how Nina’s rumored on-again/off-again boyfriend Ian Somerhalder is taking the news.

Most celebrities are just like normal people in that they don’t see their exes after the breakup – with exceptions, of course. In this case, Nina had to work with Ian after breaking up with him. But nobody’s forcing her to hang out with Julianne and Derek at their house. Even if she’s friends with Julianne, if she was uncomfortable seeing Derek, she could have easily asked Julianne to spend time elsewhere. No, she’s obviously comfortable with Derek, as evidenced by their dance video uploaded by Julianne. And they broke up, what, a few months ago? Is that enough time to get over your ex?

And that too, an ex that you may or may not have cheated on to get back with your previous ex-boyfriend? What a convoluted web of romantic confusion, this becomes. Lest we say, this is all presumption and Ian may be completely fine with Nina hanging out with Derek. I’m just saying – it is very quick for anybody to feel so comfortable around their ex, unless Nina’s a better actress than even we give her credit for.

What do you guys think? Do you think Ian cares that Nina’s been spending time with Derek? Or you think he doesn’t care? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • oh always gotta be drama

  • Vogel

    How do you know Nina was not in a showmance with your idol Ian? You think anything PR related is beneath Ian? Think again. He needed to promote his foundation and TVD and entering into a “relationship” with Nina was a fast way to do it. Don’t pin Nina as the only pr hound. Plus, Ian HAS dated his costars in the past and lied about it plenty of times.

    I think Derek is gay but I agree with you that even if he is not gay, Nian don’t seem to be involved in a relationship at this time, at least not a serious one. I also agree with you that there is no way Ian is going sexless in the meantime even if he has called a “time out let’s see what happens” with Nina.

    The bottom line is nobody knows 100% what is really going on with Ian and Nina. All of these “sources” can’t be trusted, they are not Ian or Nina. Every side of the fandom has its delusionals whether they are Nian fans, Somerholics, Nerek fans, etc.

    • Memory

      I don’t think Ian and Nina’s relationship in the past is fake. However, they are so broken now that Ian doesn’t care what she do with her life right now. But I do agree that both of their careers benefited in their relationship. And I agree he’s not sexless but he’s not in a serious relationship at this point. One day he will be. Fingers crossed.

    • Deluded fans

      Fans think he dayted his co-stars, Ian actually one way or another always denied that he was in relationships with co stars, he even said that he prefersregular girls, but fans always want only what they want to see and to be
      And I do see Nian as PR for CW and for Nina bc Nina w/o this or that bf has no interest for herself from fans

      back to the article. Ian- jelaous??that is so funny! Really funny!! Stop making BS out of Nothing. Ian is living happily ever after after as soon as Nina was out of his hair!!

    • Clara Tezolin

      the only thing we are sure that Nian is gone, and Ian this following your Life

  • Clara Tezolin

    Nina and Derek were always together, are a couple.

    Ian this happy and better off without her!

  • Guest

    Nina is so not up to par for Ian. She never was; that’s why he’s no longer with her. Yes they could have been living together, but so do roommates with benefits. I’m sure they had their fun, but Nina obviously showed that she didn’t have what it takes to sway a man, the level of Ian into wanting to spend the rest of his life with her. In fact, previous girlfriends he’s had have gotten a little closer to that than Nina ever did. This girl is better off dating a boy her age, than to continue making light of the fact that she dated Ian. I know, little girl was in awe of it. You could tell by the way she behaved while she was in this so called serious relationship with Ian. She even seemed to loose her own personality, and began copying Ian in almost everything, which is a sign of someone who’s just growing up, and barely trying to find themselves. I’m sure Ian taught her much, but obviously not enough to capture his heart, because that cannot be taught. Face it, you can’t mix oil and water, and these two just don’t belong together. What these jealousy comments do is try to put Ian down to Nina’s level. He’s way too evolved as a human being to be involved in these petty silly games that Nina seems to play.

    • Guest

      Get a life! Hate will destroy you!!! Malice from idiots is something common people in the business get, but being so jealous is simply stupid and people like you are only getting to be the joke of the day.

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