Ian Somerhalder Upset Over Nina Dobrev And Derek Hough Dating News: Regrets Cheating on Nina

Ian Somerhalder Upset Over Nina Dobrev And Derek Hough Dating News: Regrets Cheating on Nina

When Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder first broke up, I think most Vampire Diaries fans were operating under the belief that they would eventually get back together. However, their hearts were broken today when it was confirmed that Nina is actually dating Derek Hough, brother of her best friend, Julianne Hough.

Too bad, Ian. You had your shot, and it’s over. If the rumors are true and if Ian really did cheat on Nina, then he had this coming. Sources close to the stars claim that Ian is devastated that Nina’s already moved on, and he had really hoped that eventually he would be able to win her back. And even though Derek Hough may be a downgrade in terms of star status, he did just win an Emmy and so far, he hasn’t cheated on her. So win win?

Obviously, we don’t know for sure that Ian cheated on Nina, but if they’ve been going out for two years, there’s obviously something serious that led to their breakup. The two do seem pretty amicable on set in Atlanta, so unless they’re pretending, there’s obviously no hard feelings. However, that might change if Nina ends up taking Derek with her to set – I can’t imagine Ian would react to that well.

Ian Somerhalder Upset Over Nina Dobrev And Derek Hough Dating News: Regrets Cheating on Nina

Sources also add that Ian is having a hard time getting over Nina, partly because he was supposedly going to propose to her at one point. But they ended up breaking up, for whatever reason, and there’s no chance of them getting back together now. It should be interesting to see who Ian chooses to move on with, but I have a feeling it’s going to take some time.

What do you guys think about Nina and Derek dating? And how do you think Ian’s reacted to it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  • mandalynca

    There was an item about Derek and Nina on the gossip site CDAN. The implication was that he could be trouble and that Nina would deeply regret going out with him. I also find it strange that she jumped into dating immediately her and Ian split. I only hope that the famewh**e stories about Nina are not true.

  • Cynthia

    I am also disgusted with the choice Nina went with. Don’t like Derek and he is a HUGE DOWNGRADE from Ian IMO. Nina is the loser for not going back together with Ian. Ian is so hot,and he will find someone who is great!

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  • Pr?ttyLittl?V?mpir?s

    He don’t cheat on her ! They’re so close now it’s impossible! It’s just Nina is not ready to make a family , Ian want a family he’s 35 years now! And nina 25.. So you see the problem ? :/ But they were happy together and they’re still good friends! If he cheated on her, I don’t believe that Nina would came in his house for help him to accouche his dog! -_-‘

  • nicole

    Ian and Nina r like the best couple i’ve seen in years and I honestly hope they get back together and Derek really when I found I was devastated