Ian Somerhalder or Nina Dobrev Could Be Fired As Vampire Diaries Filming With 3 New Characters!

Ian Somerhalder or Nina Dobrev Could Be Fired As Vampire Diaries Filming With 3 New Characters!

This time last year Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev were happily at work on the set of The Vampire Diaries and then heading home to their love nest as their long days wrapped up. Things have obviously changed and what was thought to be an amicable split earlier this year has in actuality turned pretty messy.

It seems that Ian hooked up with someone else and that caused Nina to pulled the plug on their nearly three year relationship. CW producers wanted them to keep it quiet but by May Nina could no longer go through the motions and pretend that all was well. Instead she confirmed the split which paved the way for Ian to step out with a bunch of random, one-time bimbos on his arm while Nina hung with family and her best gal pals.

When Ian and Nina reunited for the CW Upfronts it was messy and Vampire Diaries producers now realize this season could be a hot mess of hostility and set side tension if they don’t do something to mix things up. Before axing either Ian or Nina they have instead decided to bring in three new characters to take up some onscreen time. Three new actors to bring their own spark to the work environment and their own personality to the well-established show.

It’s likely to be win/win for all sides. If Ian and Nina can manage to work together and get along then everything will be fine. If not and one of the new characters really catches fire then it’ll make it easier to usher out either Ian or Nina in order to have peace on set. It has also been rumored that Ian might be gearing up to move on anyway. He’s hugely popular and clearly has his sights set on film roles in the future. Will this be his final season with TVD? Will Ian and Nina get along at work well enough to remain with the show? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Ali

    I still have no idea who these two are.

  • guest

    since most people watch the show, because of Damon/Ian, and He is the one that has been holding the show together, i highly doubt that would ever happen. Ian signed last year for 3 more years, and the CW dident anounce that the show would continua untill they had him signed on first.

  • permalita

    ok if u mean Ian should fried senc u are ninas bitch ,well she can have it all bec show without him is turns to big failure,

  • CateIsStupid

    You CATE MEIGHAN, are obviously a shitty writer who doesn’t know anything about a show or Ian! So stop spreading lies and bullshit. Dumbass writer.

  • Grace

    Ian no seem childish and immature,he is one guy fantastic, Nina Dobrev yes she is forever to childish and immature for Ian, to be obvious! .
    Ian is professional. It makes absolutely no sense this article!! .

  • ihatepeople

    Nope. i wouldn’t believe a word of anything printed on this website.

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  • Robert

    The article is full of shit on to many levels, Its called Gossip and shit stirring by the article writer who have nothing better to write. It’s true that Nina and Ian Broke up but they both have said that it was mutual and that they are still friends, sure they maybe hurt a bit and there may even be some Jealousy on both sides when they begin dating others but that’s normal, these two are professionals and Highly unlikely that they both would cause problems for the show and their job. The Network would never fire them otherwise the show would be over, the story is about Elaina, Stephen and Damon you lose either one of them the show would fail very quickly. Its not going to happen, they only way either one of them leaves its because they want to leave. So to the writer of this article, stop spreading your BS without any proof to back you.

  • Imane Assi

    The show died when Nina left and great Ian could do nothing to save it.Nina dumped him because she didn’t want to settle down at 24. He was 34 and wanted kids. She ended it. Period