Ian Somerhalder Admits Relationship Struggles With Nina Dobrev In New Interview

Ian Somerhalder Admits Relationship Struggles With Nina Dobrev In New Interview

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder surprised everyone by getting back together after almost a year of staying apart. There still doesn’t seem to be a consensus on the reason for their initial split, but it looks like Ian’s hinting at the difficulties of their relationship in a new interview.

In an interview with Entertainmentwise, Ian spoke about his character’s relationship with Nina’s character on the Vampire Diaries, and while doing so, hinted at some of the rumored trouble in their real-life relationship as well. Ian explains, “In Mystic Falls he did get her and he’s lucky to have that experience… [but] relationships are hard in life.”

However, he soon got back on track, and shied away from discussing his off-screen relationship with Nina any further. He did discuss the future of their on-screen relationship, explaining, “Relationships are really had in Mystic Falls because if you don’t have conflict, you have no drama. If you have no drama, you have no TV show, so relationships don’t last that long in Mystic Falls.”

It’s been a whirlwind for Vampire Diaries fans, both in keeping track of their favorite couple’s on-screen relationship as well as their off-screen relationship. I think we’re safe in saying that all seems well in Nina and Ian land, at least for now. A year down the line, who knows? Nina’s still very young, and if Ian’s already discussing trouble again, it might not be the best sign for their long-term potential together.

What do you guys think? Do you think Ian was referring to his relationship with Nina when he discussed relationships being hard in real life? And do you think they will ever become ‘official’ again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • isha

    I think you are deluded..Ian is not in a relationship..he’s single,busy with ISF,friends..and his work..sorry to burst your little fairytale bubble..

    • Icantbelievethisgarbage

      You are 100% correct. Ian is single. He’s made that clear. It’s rather convenient that the timing comes on the heels of a negative DE episode where it appears the relationship is deteriorating. Lets not forget that Derek Hough has been visiting Nina in Atlanta for the last week. That certainly doesn’t speak to Ian dating Nina. This article is simply to keep interest in the show. It’s getting really old.

  • justin love

    why ian fans hate Nina???? she never do something bad… she Is A SWEET PERSON and she only work all day… what if she spends time with her ??friends?…she is away from her family… if you don’t like Nina for Ian.. good .. he Is single now.. you should be happy!!! … leave Nina alone

  • justin love

    and why Ians brother lie and says that Nina and Ian are whit him In a pizzeria… haha think Nina don’t Need Pr ..she does nothing and all the people talk abaut her…

  • justin love

    good for him I hope he by happy…. but leave Nina alone ok

  • Guest

    I am not from ATL, i have a friend who has worked with Nina and knows her. So, they have been together lately, but it is true that they were separated for some period of time. By the way Nina has been told about this Peach person, but i do not know anything about this in details or about Nina’s response.

    • seriously?

      Only about Peach? Why not about Piper31 or Gunny? Or JeniferH?those ones she likes?Those who writes fake sightings and fanfictional porn about relationships that doesn’t exists? Well that will prove that Nina is using Nian fans to clean her name after she disappointed a lot of fans!
      It really amuses me how Nian fans humilate both Ian and Nina on their roll to prove Nian exists, they paint them as liears and manipulative trolls.Both Ian and Nina deserves better fans than Nian crazy ones. Stop putting actors life in your own box. Ian and Nina work together, appear at events bc fans vote for it. But that is it. They spend less than 5 week-ends together at not work related functions during whole year 2013. They are over! let them be!