Isabella Cruise Upsets Tom Cruise – Wears See-Through Dress With Visible Bra and Boob

Isabella Cruise Upsets Tom Cruise - Wears See-Through Dress With Visible Bra and Boob

Everything Tom Cruise knew two years ago has changed drastically since then. He’s no longer married to Katie Holmes, he rarely spends time with his children, Scientology is now the laughingstock of the tabloids, and his image has taken a massive hit. Even Isabella Cruise, who everyone thought was one of the most faithful disciples of Scientology in his family, has seemingly been distancing herself from the ‘religion’ [using religion a little loosely here] and her family – or at least, her father.

There were rumors a couple of months ago that Isabella was taking steps away from Scientology and starting to spend more time with her mother, Nicole Kidman. Obviously, Tommy wasn’t very happy about this, but what could he do?

Either way, Isabella hasn’t just stopped at getting away from Scientology. No, she’s going full out Hollywood. There was a Tyler Shields photography exhibit in London, and Isabella was photographed in a short, sheer black dress with her bra clearly visible. It’s definitely the raciest outfit we’ve ever seen Isabella in [at least, in public], and you have to wonder if there wasn’t an ulterior motive behind it.

Since we don’t know Isabella, the best we can do is make guesses – especially considering that this is not typical Isabella Cruise. Could she be sending a message to her [rumored] ex-boyfriend? Or could she be trying to piss off her dad?

Either one’s possible, and we can’t say for sure because – again, we don’t know her. I imagine if I was in her position, I’d be doing everything that I wasn’t able to in the past ten years of my life. Scientology rules are not easy ones to abide by, even for celebrity children. If Isabella has truly cut ties with the church, then she should be doing whatever she wants and whatever makes her happy – even if it pisses her dad off.

Photo Image: Instagram

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