Jenelle Evans Escapes Heroin Rehab and Starts Twitter War With Gary Head

Jenelle Evans Escapes Heroin Rehab and Starts Twitter War With Gary Head

Oh here we go again. Jenelle Evans was just released from a pretty short rehab stint, this time it was to at least try to slow down her monstrous heroin addiction, and is already running her mouth. In case you forgot, before she crashed and burned this time, within two months’ time she was dating Gary Head, then dumped him in favor of a marriage to Courtland Rogers. That fiasco lasted maybe a month before Jenelle had a miscarriage and filed domestic violence charges against Rogers. Of course she ran back to Gary before her drug use escalated, landing the Teen Mom 2 star in rehab.

Jenelle returned to Twitter yesterday and as usual, she began including all of her followers in her latest relationship war. Apparently, Gary may have saved her from Rogers but that was last month, this month Jenelle hates his guts too which is evident in the tweet that she posted directed at him.

dude STFU u r such a piece of sh*t telling me how faithful u were going to stay while I’m gone,” she wrote to Gary and continued, saying : “Case closed, u r being kicked out and I’m cutting off yr phone now that I PAY FOR lmao get a job dude hahaha.”

I’m not sure if Jenelle is clean or not but she obviously still hasn’t learned not to blab every detail of her sh*tty life for the world to read!  The first step towards getting herself together would be to take her own advice- and shut her mouth. Kicking Gary to the curb is a brilliant move, I’ll give her that much. The problem is that Jenelle seems to gravitate towards the exact same guy in every relationship, his exterior just changes. But at root they are all jobless, abusive and dabbling in drugs. All the rehab in the world won’t save her from repeating the same mistakes with men. Jenelle has to want to do things differently for her life to improve.

Should Jenelle have spent more time in lock down getting real help? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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