Jenna Wolfe’s Pregnant Lesbian Status Caused NBC Today Show Demotion – Rick Sanchez Twitter War Insists!

Jenna Wolfe’s Pregnant Lesbian Status Caused NBC Today Show Demotion - Rick Sanchez Twitter War Insists!

I have a feeling Rick Sanchez is going to keep talking until someone in a higher position listens. Of course I’m talking about the blooming scandal over at NBC. They demoted Jenna Wolfe late last fall, taking her from Weekend Today anchor to glorified news reader. It was a move that made absolutely no sense whatsoever, that is until last week. That’s when Jenna came out on the air and announced that she and her NBC foreign news correspondent, Stephanie Gosk are expecting a baby girl. Almost immediately Rich tweeted what I’m sure many of us were thinking: did NBC cut her because they didn’t want a pregnant lesbian co-hosting their morning show. She herself has said that she refuses to raise a child in a world where she lives dishonestly, so her announcement was inevitable regardless of her position at the Peacock Network.

While Jenna hasn’t responded, Rick’s thought provoking tweets continue,

Ppl say it’s crazy 2 ask if @TodayShow, ‘America’s First Family,’ might not want pregnant lesbian as co-host. But MSM should ask the ques.”

@JennaWolfe was doing a great job but got replaced w/ Erica Hill, who tanked @ CBS This Morning? Didn’t make sense. Till last week.”

“Anyone remember how they introduced Erica Hill on first day? Schmaltzy piece emphasizing she’s a married hetero mom: …”

From what I’ve read, Erica Hill certainly didn’t set the ratings on fire over at CBS so why a network struggling to regain its’ number one ratings placement would bring her in is admittedly beyond me!  She works well with co-host Lester Holt, and their pairing is nice, but nothing more than that. I’m sure Lester will never compromise his position at the network that has truly given him a career, but let’s be real – he and Jenna are friends. Real friends and watching him look around Erica to be able to banter with Jenna is painful. Erica is clearly the outcast sitting in a spot that never should have been vacant in the first place!

Did NBC let Jenna go because of her lifestyle choices? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!